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Springtime feast for the senses
Springtime feast for the senses

Spring is the season of renewal and vitality, the perfect time to indulge in a well-deserved culinary treat after a year of hard work. Before diving into your new year’s plans, take a moment to pamper yourself with delectable cuisine. This Spring, give yourself the gift of Spring flavors, taste the freshest seafood delicacies and tasty, nourishing, healthy ingredients. Explore limited seasonal dishes and drinks to awaken your taste buds with spectacular colours, aromas, and flavours!

Art of Canton – Exquisite Freshness

Cantonese cuisine has always prioritised umami and freshness. This Spring, Art of Canton launched various ultra umami-focused dishes, including the “Cold Yellow Croaker · Chaozhou Style*” accompanied by premium caviar and Pu Ning soya beans sauce, which comprehensively enhances the silkiness of the fish. The “Australian Lobster Two Ways (Whole)”, steamed with a base of egg yolk and clear chicken broth and adorned with gold foil, is a perfect example of the art of cooking that is rich and all-rounded in colour, flavour and aroma.

*Order 1 Day in Advance

Art of Canton
Shop 1001A, 10/F

Lei Garden, the freshness of Spring

To enhance the umami of “Steamed Groupa with XO Sauce” this spring, Lei Garden dressed it with the restaurant’s signature XO sauce, pioneered by Lei Garden Restaurant. Slices of steamed groupa resting on a bed of silky tofu completely absorb the fish’s sweetness and the XO sauce’s aroma, creating a rich and delicious taste.

Lei Garden
Shop 1003, 10/F

Pak Loh Chiu Chow – Joyous Spring

Experience the essence of spring with Pak Loh Chiu Chow ‘Deep-fried Taro with Sugar’, where crispy taro meets sweet sugar coating. This unique dessert embodies the season’s freshness and renewal, extending the joyful season and a delightful fusion of textures and flavours in every bite.

Pak Loh Chiu Chow
Shop 1002, 10/F

Sensu Café – Spring Detox and Nourishment

Spring is the best time for renewal and resolutions, so is detoxing and taking care of your health and body. Sensu Café launched a variety of healthy dishes for spring, including “Japanese Pumpkin . Buckwheat Salad . Almond . Honey Yogurt” and the ketogenic option “Cold Konjac Noodles”, as well as the seasonal Australian M7 Oyster Blade and a unique coffee mixed with Fresh Grape Americano, rejuvenating your energy while bringing endless surprises to your taste buds!

Shop B224A, B2/F

Starbucks – Spring Edition

A là French dessert, “French Vanilla Napoleon Oatmilk Latte”, is the latest limited beverage from Starbucks; this unique taste is full of butter sips topped with flakey pastry pieces. Topped with strawberry form, the “Strawberry Pure Matcha Latte“ exudes elegance like the spring breeze. Irresistible for girls!

Shop 9/F Kiosk, 9/F

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