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La Famille 2023 New Cakes
La Famille 2023 New Cakes

La Famille introduces two new tropical flavors of chiffon cakes to celebrate the upcoming summer, featuring Mango & Passion Fruit and Pink Guava & Pear. Both creations also come with a petit version, providing an alternative for a taste of summer!

Summer is synonymous with mangoes! Mango & Passion Fruit whole chiffon cake is filled with dried mango that provides a chewy texture. Topped with crystal-clear peach jelly layered with mango & passion fruit mousse and refreshing aloe vera. The cake is paired with rich and delicate passion fruit fresh cream allowing you to enjoy the taste of summer in every bite!

Pink Guava & Pear whole chiffon cake is flavored with pink guava and covered with Hokkaido fresh cream. The inside layers are filled with fresh pear, pear jam and pink guava mousse, giving off an intense unique fruity fragrance.

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