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Introducing the New Luminous WIREBAG Collection
Introducing the New Luminous WIREBAG Collection

As a prologue of Summer, ANTEPRIMA brought to you an aquatic themed collection featuring the brand’s most iconic shiny hues as an echo to the reflection of aqua. Made of water resistance refined wire, ANTEPRIMA WIREBAGs are no wonder the cutest bag for your beach party!

In line with the aquatic theme, ANTEPRIMA added four new “Silver Mixed” shade to the family (Cipria Bianco Orobordo / Giallogento / Mentagento / Verdegrigiogento), crafted to reflect subtle rays of glitter as in sunlight reflection on water. The “Silver Mixed” WIREBAGS illuminate refreshing sheen, whether they are in cool tone or pastel color, each of them is the life of a party on its own.

Featuring modern aesthetics and exquisite craftsmanship, the STANDARD WIREBAG collection epitomizes the spirit of ANTEPRIMA – “Timeless, Classic and Fun” – in its simplicity, elegance, and contemporary design while serving you as a perfect everyday bag for daily use. The STANDARD collection has offered uncountable striking colourways and styles for ANTEPRIMA lovers.

STANDARD WIREBAG is ANTEPRIMA’s first ever WIREBAG and has always been one of the brand’s classics. It reflects Creative Director Izumi Ogino’s message to represent the sophistication and beauty nature of women. MINI STANDARD 6T1 WIREBAG and STANDARD MINIATURA WIREBAG have become ANTEPRIMA’s IT bag since their debut. From iconic shiny hues to bold seasonal colours, it proved that it can be your companion for causal outing or evening feast.

As a significant moment of ANTEPRIMA 30th Anniversary, Izumi has brought a refreshing novelty in her very first bag, the STANDARD WIREBAG collection. Handknitted with seasonal shiny colours, this refined style NEW STANDARD WIREBAG collection comes with a magnetic closure to keep its surprisingly spacious interior compact, and an adjustable chain with leather shoulder pad to show diversify ways of styling your bag!

Inspired by the sceneries of sunset, seaside and garden, SS23 ANTEPRIMA introduces the MOTIVO GRADIAZIONE WIREBAG in various shades to illustrate the beauty of nature. MOTIVO GRADIAZIONE WIREBAGs are handknitted with various shades of wire for creating a unique gradient effect to enhance your summer with vitality.

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