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Ways to practice self-care
Ways to practice self-care

Life in a buzzing metropolitan needs a well-balanced time out to destress. Only when you know how to love yourself can life be filled with positive energy. So how do you do that? First, make a habit of loving yourself; you don’t need a reason to reward yourself. Starting today, treat yourself better, have an aromatherapy spa, enjoy every moment you pamper yourself with luxury skincare products, have a cake with a sip of tea etc. Let your exhausted body and mind heal completely, and be ready for any challenges.

Tea WG- Enjoy your Me-Time

Aromatic hot tea and desserts are the best combos. The array of tea collections at Tea WG is the best companion for a little resting me-time. Sprinkled with gleaming southern fruits with notes of peach and infused into a fragrant cup, the ‘Geisha Blossom Tea’ has a delicate balance of tartness and sweet tea aroma. The ‘Breakfast Yuzu Tea’ also has a vibrant blend of green teas which awakens the senses and is delicately balanced by notes of rare citrus fruit and delicate blossoms, starting the day on a beautiful note.

Tea WG
Shop B240, B2/F

Rituals- Creating every moving moment

Rituals Cosmetics has launched the brand-new Private Collection Comfort Collection. Known as the world’s best perfumes, the brand uses the most delicate fragrance and centuries-old exquisite ingredients to create the 4th latest fragrance consisting of notes of vanilla, cotton flower and violet. This delicate aroma will help soothe your mind, creating an oasis for your soul.

Shop B221B, B2/F

Jurlique- Aromatherapy

Leave the stress aside and enjoy the relaxation of aromatherapy. Jurlique’s collection of aromatherapy oils has different functions, which can cleanse the soul through different aromatherapy treatments such as burning, bathing or massage. Among them, lavender, sandalwood, and bergamot are suitable for relieving insomnia problems. Lighting before bed can relax the nerves and give you a good night’s sleep.

Shop B229A-B229B, B2/F

Bose- A peaceful and enjoyable moment

Music is like an antidote to calm and soothe one’s emotions. Everybody knows about the premium sound quality of Bose; if you want to enjoy your favourite music alone, the best-in-close noise cancelling Quietcomfort 45 Headphone will allow you to immerse in the beautiful music. Bose Smart Soundbar 600 can provide supreme auditory enjoyment, choose a favourite movie or song, and let the excellent sound effect captivates your ears!

Shop 809-810, 8/F

INSIDE- Premium organic skincare

Adding various organic skincare products from Australia to their extensive selection of artisan pieces, INSIDE offers vegan-friendly body scrubs and body washes with 100% natural ingredients that gently cleanse, hydrate and nourish the skin. The furniture & homeware shop also offers linen bathrobes, which are more comfortable and softer than the average fabric. They allow you to fully unwind and relax at home. Treat yourself to the ultimate self-care experience with INSIDE – your body and your mind will thank you! 

Shop 807-808, 8/F

Lady M- Irresistible sweetness

Indulge in some sweetness, and enjoy the happiness of tasteful treats. Lady M’s signature beautiful Strawberry Shortcake has already captured the heart of many. Coupled with strawberries and whipped cream, the superfine flour imported from Japan produces a vanilla sponge cake unlike any other. These simple ingredients have already created a sweet and silky texture. So what are you waiting for?

Lady M
Shop 3/F Kiosk, 3/F

Panier des Sens- French Natural Skincare

As a French natural skincare brand from Provence, Panier de Sens focuses on simplicity and refinement, combining the traditional Mediterranean fragrance blending technique. Made with 12 natural ingredients, the smoothing leaves the skin soft and silky with a healthy glow and clearly gorgeous; using it with the firming cream can help to firm the skin and reduce the orange-peel skin effect.

Panier des Sens
B221D, B2/F

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