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Bunny-approved Surprises for Kids
Bunny-approved Surprises for Kids

The most anticipated holiday for children – Easter, is around the corner. While busy preparing for Easter holiday activities, parents also have to prepare Easter gifts for their children, giving them the most heart-warming and unforgettable surprises. Retro eggs and cute rabbits are of course the highlight of the festival, and they are also the most popular gifts for children. This year, choose different bunny and Easter egg gifts to create a unique holiday memory for the children!

Build Your Own LEGO Easter Bunny

For this Easter, LEGO has launched a 3-in-1 set. They can build a toy bunny and then rebuild it into a beautiful cockatoo parrot eating seeds, or an adorable white seal with a fish snack, challenging children’s creativity. Another LEGO model is a colourful egg-shaped garden house and 2 adorable animal figures, flowers and watering can elements and other accessories, allowing children to enjoy the fun of playing out nature-inspired scenes.

Shop 902-903C, 9/F

Mr. Simms’ Old School Easter Egg

Known for its traditional British candies offerings, Mr. Simms has launched various special edition Easter egg jars this year. Easter Egg Tin with Gummies and Foiled Mini Chocolate Easter Egg Jar are among them, the retro and cute tins can even be used for storing small items. Guess that’s something both kids and adults want!

Mr Simms Olde Sweet Shoppe
Shop B236, B2/F

city’super- Festival Art

city‘super has already prepared Easter gift options. If you want to let the children experience a sense of ritual of the festival, you can choose Loison Easter Cake – Classic Colomba in Plush to let them feel the joyfulness of the traditional festival; French brand Le chocolat des Français’ Easter special edition showcases its creative illustrations. The Easter egg jar with funny animal illustrations is filled with a variety of chocolate flavours such as Caramel Praliné and Crispy Gianduja Chocolate etc. It will definitely make you happy and satisfied.

Shop B1, B1/F

Wise-Kids’ Easter Picks

Heritage German brand Steiff, known for their teddy bears, also produces classic bunny dolls and are a good choice for Easter gifts. On top of that, during Easter, Wise-Kids Playroom will organize Easter egg hunts and Easter egg art and craft workshop. Give your children an unforgettable holiday by creatively designing Easter eggs and playing in each game area!

Shop 801-803, 8/F

Plant J- Perfect Indoor Playzone

Planet J HK by Jumping Gym U.S.A is a great place to let children run wild this Easter holiday. Other than the classic rainbow booth, maze and crane machines, the venue also has a VR Zone with multiple types of VR games. It is worth mentioning that the “VR Maze” was developed by the local Planet J team in Hong Kong, a wonderful place to collaborate with your children to complete the virtual adventure.

Planet J Hong Kong
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