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Take A Breather - Try Our Recommended Cafés With Light Refreshments
Take A Breather - Try Our Recommended Cafés With Light Refreshments

 The rhythm of urban life is hectic; get yourself a sip of coffee or refreshing tea while you can, accompanied by a delicate dessert, and let yourself indulge in some Me Time out of your busy schedule! A cup of coffee or tea provides caffeine, a breathing space for a busy life, and a little pat on your back. The following are the high-quality and distinctive light snacks cafés in the mall, so you can still enjoy a leisure moment amid the hustle and bustle and indulge in your own Me Time!

Lady M – Double Satisfaction

Lady M launches Green Apple Mousse Cake. Derived from its various components: atop a buttery cake base with hints of cinnamon, the green apple mousse forms the outer ring of the cake. It creates a delightful visual contrast against the ring of creamy mascarpone mousse inside, giving the cake a complex texture. The translucent green apple jelly offers a balanced flavour between sweet and sour, while dice of fresh apple inside provide an additional crunch. For enthusiasts, pair with one of the two new cooling summer line-ups of Summer Refreshers. Iced Oolong Milk Cap Tea features fragrant oolong tea enhanced by a silky layer of milk foam on top. Iced Popcorn Hazelnut Latte is covered with rich whipped cream and crunchy sweet popcorn. These two special drinks indeed will offer double satisfaction!

Lady M
3/F Kiosk

Caffè Milani – Milanese Coffee Aroma

‘Master Roaster’ Caffè Milani, famous for its meticulous attention to choosing coffee beans, roasting and skillful blending. Managed by masters who have adhered to the tradition of coffee blending for almost one century. The most classic coffee is made with over 40 kinds of coffee beans. Moreover, you can also try their homemade pastries. Specializes in Italian focaccia sandwiches, the bread is fresh and authentic stuffed with smoked salmon, turkey, salami, tuna and other fillings, plus a variety of garden vegetables. A time-saving and healthy choice of a light meal.

Caffè Milani
4/F Kiosk

Blooms Coffee – Coffee Aesthetics

To give the nutty flavour a richer smoothness yet low-acid and heavier body, Blooms Coffee allows at least 24 hours of cold brewing before use. The Signature Marshmallows Latte uses daily freshly made cotton candy and sprinkle, and the aroma soon fills the room while broiling it. The latte has a perfect balance over sweetness leaving a mouthful of crispiness. The Passion Fruit Coconut is an excellent match to the Lemonade Cold Brew Coffee. The tenderness of the coconut cream has totally complemented the sourness of the lemonade from the first bite.

Blooms Coffee
11/F Kiosk

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