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Savour yourself with a hearty lunch
Savour yourself with a hearty lunch

Lunch is also an excellent time to look forward to delicious food, so savour a delicious lunch! Whether it’s lunchtime at work or an afternoon with friends enjoying yummy food, it’s worth cheering yourself up with tasty food and satisfying your mood and appetite! If you like fresh sashimi or traditional Cantonese dim sum or even want to have a feast of roast meat, there is always something that will appeal to you!

Gathering 11- Innovative Place for Lunch

Gathering 11 ‘s innovative Japanese delicacies offer different lunch options, such as the crispy and delicious Signature homemade pizza, Teriyaki eel with Japanese fish cake and Barbeque pork pizza, etc., combining creativity and deliciousness! Those who love sashimi can choose exquisite sushi and sashimi platters. All the high-quality fresh ingredients are delivered straight from Japan as if you are enjoying them in Japan.

Gathering 11
Shop 1101, 11/F

ABURI-EN- Japanese Lunch

The hearty ‘Stamina Don’ from the popular Japanese-style grilled restaurant ABURI-EN is a good lunch choice. Slices of marinated pork are sauteed with ginger and placed on top; the Ginger Fried Pork Rice Bowl is delicious and nutritious, living up to the name to enhance your stamina. Those used to light meals can choose the Seared Salmon Salad, fresh salmon in refreshing dressings, leaving it satisfying and healthy.

Shop 627, 6/F

Art of Canton- Exquisite Delicacies

Integrating traditional Chinese dim sum into the chef’s innovative cooking concepts and offering Chinese cuisine with a Japanese twist, Art of Canton launched a variety of exquisite delicacies for lunch. Among them are traditional Cantonese dishes with an innovative touch, including signature fish maw and all kinds of artisan dim sum, taking lunch to a sensational level.

Art of Canton
Shop 1001A, 10/F

sen-ryo- Delicate Freshness

Prioritising fresh ingredients, sen-ryo offers a variety of lunch sets, including the popular Toyosu seafood sashimi and sushi sets; every bite is filled with freshness and umami. In addition to sashimi, sen-ryo has a variety of cooked dish sets, such as tempura and udon, providing a variety of choices for diners with different cravings.

Shop B222, B2/F

Kamimura- Japanese BBQ Lunch

Want to have a satisfying lunch? The lunch set launched by the popular Japanese BBQ restaurant Kamimura is the place to go! The signature dish of Assorted Satsuma Gyu and a variety of choice of Beef, Pork Chicken in Pot sets is another excellent choice you don’t want to miss. Lunch sets are served with drinks, salads, snacks, and desserts; this is absolutely the best option for a fulfilling lunch!

Shop B213-B214, B2/F

SENSU- Create Your Own Lunch Menu

With a Zen style, SENSU embodies the Wabi-Sabi aesthetic as the concept store’s theme, creating peace and serenity for dining guests. The café has recently launched several new “Create Your Own” lunch menus, including Marinated Abalone, Truffle Chicken, Braised Beef Ribs and Vol-au-vent, etc. Satisfy your craving with healthy and delicious choices!

Shop B224A, B2/F

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