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PizzaExpress Celebrates 59th Anniversary with New Dishes
PizzaExpress Celebrates 59th Anniversary with New Dishes

PizzaExpress founder Peter Boizot, after tasting the incredible flavors of pizza in Italy, decided to bring authentic Italian pizzas to the United Kingdom. Then he opened the first PizzaExpress in London on March 27th, 1965, which is about to enter its 59th anniversary, and also rooted in Hong Kong for many years. To express gratitude for the continuous support from customers, PizzaExpress is launching a range of dishes from March 26th, including PizzaExpress Stripes Pizza, Stripes Spaghetti Vongole, and Jumbo Dough Ball Nutella with Salted Affogato. This series combines the brand’s iconic black and white stripe elements in Pizzaiolo uniforms and restaurant vibes, which immerses diners in the unique black and white stripe world created by PizzaExpress, offering a refreshing dining experience. To celebrate the birthday of PizzaExpress together, customers who order any main course can enjoy these delicious items for a special price1! During this period, PizzaExpress is introducing four new and visually appealing specialty drinks, including Purple Ginger Honey Lemon Iced Tea, Tropical Breeze, Blue Lagoon Italian Soda with Cheese Float and Orange Tea with Cheese Float. Customers can enjoy at half price on the second special drinks they order2, adding to the wave of surprises during the anniversary celebration.

Over the past 59 years, PizzaExpress’s skilled Pizzaiolos have upheld Peter’s spirit, continuously developing new dishes. In particular, through internal pizza competitions, winning creations are added to the menu. This year, the champion dish in the Asia Pacific region is the creation of Cesar Salvador, who crafted the Guanciale Mushroom Pizza that became one of the highlighted dishes for the 59th anniversary celebration.

Let’s take a look at the recommended dishes of the PizzaExpress 59th anniversary:

PizzaExpress Stripes Pizza
Incorporating a rich and flavorful sauce made with black garlic paste with squid ink, mozzarella and bechamel sauce, this specially made sauce is drizzled in black stripes on the pizza, presenting a visually striking and delicious creation that showcases the brand’s distinctiveness.

Stripes Spaghetti Vongole
The combination of butter clams with garlic, white wine, and chili flake, tossed with squid ink pasta and traditional spaghetti, creates a rich and flavorful dish that is both aromatic and mouthwatering.

Jumbo Dough Ball Nutella with Salted Affogato
The jumbo size dough balls are stuffed with a generous amount of Nutella and paired with Affogato topped with cheese foam, providing a truly satisfying delight to any dessert lover.

Guanciale Mushroom Pizza
The pizzaiolo, Cesar Salvador, inspired by the “Farm-to-Table” concept in his hometown, incorporated the local delicacy, Sisig, into his pizza creation. After careful consideration, he chose to use Guanciale and balanced its richness with artichoke sauce. He also added mushrooms, sage, mozzarella and ricotta to enhance the flavors. The pizza is a savoury and cheesy delight, showcasing the unique flavors of Asian cuisine. It’s no wonder that Cesar’s creation stood out and became the champion in the pizza competition for the Asia region.

Purple Ginger Honey Lemon Iced Tea
Lemon and ginger blend perfectly in the dreamy pink butterfly pea flower tea, offering a delightful combination of sweetness and tanginess. It’s a dual enjoyment for both the senses of taste and sight.

Tropical Breeze
By blending mango, passion fruit and lychee, a refreshing and palate-cleansing beverage is created, making it an ideal choice for a post-meal treat.

Blue Lagoon Italian Soda with Cheese Float
The citrus-flavoured blue soda, presented in a soothing blue gradient, as well as topped with a salted cheese foam, is perfect for Instagrammable moments.

Orange Tea with Cheese Float
The fragrant orange flavoured tea, combined with fresh orange and topped with a foam of salted cheese, offers a delightful and aromatic experience, together with a layered and indulgent taste sensation.

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