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La Famille 2024 New Chiffon Cakes
La Famille 2024 New Chiffon Cakes

La Famille introduces two new refreshing flavors of chiffon cakes to celebrate the upcoming Summer, featuring Triple Honey & Lemon and Jasmine & Apple. Both creations also come with a petite version, providing an alternative for a taste of Summer!

“Triple Honey & Lemon” Whole Chiffon Cake perfectly combines sweet honey and refreshing lemon delightful flavors. The light and fluffy chiffon cake base is made with three different types of honey. It is topped with a honeycomb lattice-shaped chocolate design and pansy petals. The filling consists of honey lemon mousse, a fresh and tangy lemon sauce, and honey-infused fresh cream, creating a rich and creamy texture. The honey provides a sweet and delightful taste to the cake, while the lemon adds a refreshing and tangy twist. Each bite offers a contrast between the two flavors, leaving a memorable impression. Triple Honey & Lemon Petit Chiffon Cake features a honeycomb-shaped chocolate design on top, adorned with miniature yellow chrysanthemums. The cake incorporates silky sweet honey-infused fresh cream and honey lemon mousse, providing a delightful and indulgent experience.

“Jasmine & Apple” Whole Chiffon Cake combines the delicate aroma of Jasmine tea with the sweet and refreshing taste of fresh apples, providing a unique flavor experience. The cake features a visually stunning design, topped with a wavy jasmine tea-infused jelly and adorned with pansy petals and fragrant wood accents, creating a visually rich and appealing presentation. The light and airy jasmine chiffon cake is filled with a unique filling that includes sautéed apple pulp, which maximizes the release of the apple’s fruity fragrance while retaining its natural sweetness. Complemented by the melt-in-your-mouth apple mousse and apple fresh cream, the delicate scent of jasmine intertwines with the lusciousness of the apple, providing a blissful experience with every mouthful as if immersed in a garden. Jasmine & Apple Petit Chiffon Cake exudes a sense of ceremony, with its top layer adorned with piped apple-shaped chocolate on a bed of apple mousse. The infusion of smoothy fresh apple cream and sautéed apple pulp into the jasmine chiffon cake creates a rich texture and aroma, delivering a dual delight for your taste buds and visual senses.

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