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Have youself a taste of Spring
Have youself a taste of Spring

Spring is a great time to start planning. During this season which symbolises a new beginning, let us treat ourselves to delicious food and start the new year with the taste of Spring. Whether you are a dessert lover, a person who prioritises umami and fine ingredients, or a coffee lover, all sorts of restaurants are ready for the new season, presenting countless new menus. So let’s get this food-hunting mission started!

Nha Trang Vietnamese cuisine – 100% freshness

During this season filled with Spring breeze, the humidity might affect our appetite, let’s have some Vietnamese food to stimulate a bit. ‘Avocado Prawn Rolls’ and ‘Grilled Sugar Cane Shrimp’ from Nha Trang are good choices for that. Cooked with traditional Vietnamese techniques and the shrimp’s freshness, it creates a unique spark by mixing with different ingredients. Dip it with the sweet and sour sauce, and you will never get tired of eating a few more!

Nha Trang
Shop 1303, 13/F

Lei Garden Nourishing inside out

Invented by Lei Garden Group in Singapore, the mango pomelo sago is the favourite dessert for many. Every bite is mixed with the aroma of mango, grapefruit’s sweetness and bitterness, and pomelo’s freshness. The complex taste is why it is addictive; Another signature dessert is “Almond Tea with Egg White”, which is also a must-try for lovers of traditional Chinese desserts. The sweet and silky taste is both nourishing and delicious, and is a good choice for nourishing the body and mind for Spring time.

Lei Garden
Shop 1003, 10/F

Tea WG Always Sakura Tea

Experience and connect with Spring with every sip of brewing hot floral tea. To celebrate the arrival of Spring, Tea WG launched a limited-edition 2023 blend of Always Sakura Tea in the Tea WG Grand Mode Tea Collection. A beautifully handcrafted Japanese green tea with notes of wild Rainier cherry and sweet blossoms, paired with Always Sakura Tea-infused Macarons from the collection, yielding a fresh and elegant infusion enveloped by soft lingering hints of floral sweetness as you devour every sip and bite.

Tea WG
Shop B240, B2/F

agnès b. CAFÉ Sweet and Fruity

Blossoming flowers, and fresh seasonal fruit, all symbolise the limitless liveliness of Spring. agnès b. CAFÉ recently launched a Cheese Cake and French Fruit Tart featuring fresh fruit and edible flowers. Classic cheesecake with blueberry jam and figs, and classic French fruit tart filled with creamy vanilla custard, the French dessert carries Spring’s aroma and zest.

agnès b. CAFÉ
Shop 6/F Kiosk, 6/F

Lady M’s Elegant choice

Lady M’s cakes often bring out the complex, delicious taste of mille crêpes to its fullest. The most recently launched ‘Mirror Caramel Mousse Cake’ depicts the brand’s elegance. Covered with delicious and shiny caramel glaze like a mirror, filled with silky-smooth caramel mousse, rich chocolate mousse and a thin layer of chocolate sponge, it creates a perfect mingling of caramel and chocolate flavours. An elegant dessert that’s an all-around beauty.

Lady M
Shop 3/F Kiosk, 3/F

La Famille Enchanting Floral Aroma

The signature chiffon cake at La Famille is as popular as ever. Their romantic French Rose Chiffon Cake series sprinkles a touch of Frenchness on the cakes. The chiffon cakes are infused with a hint of rose aroma, covered with smooth Hokkaido fresh cream, and decorated with raspberries, strawberries, rose petals and butterfly-shaped chocolate. It’s hard not to fall in love at first sight with all the sweetness overload.

La Famille
Shop B201, B2/F

Hung Rui Chen Classic Sandwiches

Taiwanese sandwich shop Hung Rui Chen, the perfect epitome of simple precision, is made with fresh ingredients filling up the fluffy bread; its unforgettable and unique taste has a unique charm. Its iconic ‘Classic Ham & Cheese’ elevates ham and cheese to an unreachable state, scrumptiously tempting throughout the year. Another popular choice, ‘Strawberry & Cheese’, brings you a mixture of sweet and sour with a hint of savoury, stimulating every taste bud of yours.

Hung Rui Chen
Shop B214B, B2/F

city’super Spring Sakura Feast

Spring is a great time to enjoy cherry blossoms, and it’s very tempting to have the urge to visit Japan. Until then, you can still enjoy a Sakura feast! To welcome Sakura season, city’super has a selection of Sakura-themed ingredients, including Hikari Niigata Koshihikari Rice Congee with Sakura and Amazake crafted with handmade rice malt and cherry blossom leaves etc, a Sakura theme feast can easily be prepared at home with a bit of creativity!

Shop B1, B1/F

Caffe Milani Floral Coffee

Spring is the season of flowers blossoming. Caffe Milani, a cafe from Italy, also launched new coffee featuring roses. The series has 4 types of milk coffee. In addition to roses, there are coconut, caramel and hazelnut flavours. Take a sip of coffee and enjoy the beauty of Spring.

Caffe Milani
Shop 4/F Kiosk, 4/F

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