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Brand New “Nourishing Menu” Introduced by Crystal Jade and First-ever Collaborated with JaneClare
Brand New “Nourishing Menu” Introduced by Crystal Jade and First-ever Collaborated with JaneClare

Chinese culinary traditions boast a rich tapestry of nourishing medicinal elements woven into dishes, elevating flavors while nurturing well-being, fortifying the core and fostering vitality. Embracing this ethos of dietary wellness, Crystal Jade draws inspiration from the ethos of “Dietary Therapy for Nourishment of Health and Skin Care.” In a groundbreaking initiative, Crystal Jade collaborates for the first time with the esteemed Chinese skincare brand JaneClare. From April 15 to May 31, 2024, Crystal Jade proudly unveils the opulent “Nourishing Menu” at “Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao,” “Jiang Nan by Crystal Jade,” and “Crystal Jade Jiang Nan.” This culinary extravaganza seamlessly integrates nourishing components into the cuisine, complemented by the transformative properties of JaneClare beauty products, fostering a harmonious synergy of internal nourishment and external rejuvenation to enhance skin health and radiance. As Mother’s Day approaches, a gesture of love materializes in the form of sumptuous and enriching meals, as the “Nourishing Menu” feast lavishes mothers with a pampering experience, allowing their beauty to emanate from within and illuminate outwardly.

Incorporating nourishing ingredients into the dishes & bringing a new twist to classic signature dishes at Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao

The “Nourishing Menu” feast combines precious medicinal ingredients with Crystal Jade’s classic delicacies, highlighting the use of premium ginseng in the dishes. Ginseng is described as having a sweet taste with a slightly cold nature. It is known to nourish the five internal organs, calm the spirit, stabilize the soul, alleviate palpitations, dispel evil energy, improve vision, and enhance cognitive function. Modern Chinese medicine also points out that ginseng has the effects of replenishing vitality, enhancing physical strength, and promoting blood circulation. Consuming ginseng can make one feel mentally alert and full of energy. Additionally, ginseng contains compounds like ginsenosides and ginseng oil, which have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging effects, benefiting skin health. Ginsenosides can make the skin smooth and radiant.

In the “Nourishing Menu” menu, building upon the foundation of Crystal Jade’s classic Eighteen-Fold Xiao Long Bao, ginseng stewed chicken soup is added. Each dumpling is meticulously handmade by dim sum masters, with the perfect coordination of skin, meat, and broth. Upon biting into it, the fresh and flavorful broth inside the dumpling naturally blends with the ginseng chicken soup, elevating the taste to a new level while capturing the essence of ginseng. Additionally, the Lanzhou noodles in use are freshly made on-site by noodle masters, with a chewy texture, paired with the stomach-nourishing ginseng stewed chicken soup, invigorating the spirit and providing vitality and nourishment to the body.

Infusing Southeast Asian and Western flavors to craft a novel sensory journey for discerning palates at Jiang Nan by Crystal Jade

Unveiling the latest addition to the Crystal Jade family, “Jiang Nan by Crystal Jade,” a brand steeped in the essence of traditional Chinese culinary wisdom, harmonizing premium global ingredients with their distinct culinary profiles. Within the realm of the “Nourishing Menu”, a symphony of dishes spotlighting black garlic as the star ingredient, fused with Southeast Asian nuances, has been meticulously crafted. Renowned for its antioxidant prowess, metabolism-boosting properties, and immune system fortification, black garlic takes center stage in this culinary narrative. Complementing this, the herbal tea infused with medicinal herbs serves to warm the stomach, invigorate the spleen, enhance blood circulation, dispel cold, and banish dampness, embodying the essence of dietary therapy.

At “Jiang Nan by Crystal Jade,” gastronomic delights such as the “Black Garlic Bak Kut Teh” and “La Mian in Black Garlic Bak Kut Teh” beckon with Southeast Asian allure. The distinctive essence of black garlic elevates the robust flavors of the medicinal pork bone broth, offering both nourishment and wellness benefits. Teamed with the toothsome Lanzhou noodles, this nutrient-rich soup noodle ensemble promises a tantalizing escapade for the taste buds. Equally captivating is the “Sautéed Stuffed Morel with Shrimp Paste & Chinese Yam with Black Truffle Sauce,” where the alluring essence of black truffle sauce intertwines with the crunchy Chinese Yam and the earthy notes of morel mushrooms, culminating in a tantalizing epicurean journey. Noteworthy for their circulatory and cardiac benefits, black truffle and morel mushrooms, alongside the kidney-nourishing Chinese Yam, offer a holistic approach to well-being, combating facial puffiness and enhancing overall health.

Utilizing seasonal produce ensures optimal freshness and nutritional potency

The concept of “eating in season” not only enhances the flavor profile of dishes but also maximizes the nutritional content of ingredients. As we transition into April, renowned for its abundance of asparagus, we delve into a realm rich in folic acid and vitamin C, a potent antioxidant renowned for its skinbrightening properties and skin-smoothing effects. Moreover, the inclusion of Chinese Yam, a fiber-rich gem, promotes digestive wellness.

Among the array of delectable offerings, the “Sautéed Sliced Fish with Chinese Yam and Asparagus” from the “Nourishing Menu” captivates with its harmonious blend of crispy asparagus and Chinese Yam, harmonizing flawlessly with the delicate fish.

Delving further, the “Braised Oxtail with Black Garlic and Chinese Yam” meticulously selects oxtail with rich collagen for skin elasticity maintenance. The inclusion of beef bone marrow enriches the broth, teeming with proteins, vitamins, and essential nutrients. Infused with the fragrant notes of black garlic and Chinese Yam, this dish exudes a symphony of flavors and aromas, a culinary masterpiece poised to captivate discerning palates.

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