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A new take on Healthy Eating
A new take on Healthy Eating

Busy urbanites are accustomed to fast food just to fill their stomachs, but they often ignore the selection of ingredients and cooking methods that directly affect their health. Knowing how to choose is the key to satisfying your taste buds and benefiting your body. There has been more attention on healthy food culture, and more and more restaurants and food markets have joined in to create different healthy dishes so that even if you are busy, you can eat out healthily and content.

Art of Canton – Healthy Dishes

The exquisite “Braised Whole Pigeon · Stuffed Fish Maw · Pigeon Eggs*” is packed with remarkably beneficial and highly nourishing ingredients. This thoughtful dish contains a lot of protein and rich vitamins, nourishing the Yin and kidneys, replenishing blood and Qi, alleviating fatigue, and promoting anti-ageing effects, making it a beauty-enhancing dish. Top it off with the nutritious dessert “Deep-fried Sweet Potatoes, Oats”, rich in anthocyanins that can improve cholesterol levels and blood sugar metabolism. The crispy and sweet taste will definitely satisfy you.

*Reservation required at least one day in advance.

Art of Canton
Shop 1001A, 10/F

Lei Garden – Summer Fruit

The appetising “Lei’s Rainbow” is Lei Garden’s latest healthy drink this summer. Freshly squeezed from five fruits, including carrots, limes, green apples, grapes, and dragon fruit, the drink is full of colour, flavour, fruity aroma, and vitamin A, which improves eyesight and enhances immunity. If you like mangoes, you can’t miss the “Chilled Mango Sweetener with Grapefruit and Sago” made from premium mango and grapefruit. Its sweet and smooth taste makes a perfect ending to a meal.

Lei Garden
Shop 1003, 10/F

Sensu Café – Fresh Taste

The “Japanese Pumpkin · Quinoa Salad · Almonds · Blueberry Yogurt” launched by Sensu Café this summer is definitely a must-have for vegetarians and those who follow a healthy diet. Two types of squash with tricoloured quinoa, hydroponic salad greens, and almond slices, topped off with a fresh blueberry yoghurt sauce, nutritious and delicious with every bite. The low-carb, low-calorie “Cold Konjac Noodle” is paired with tender, slow-cooked chicken breast at 58°C, bringing a rich taste, sufficient dietary fibre intake and high-quality protein, making it a refreshing summer delicacy.

Sensu Café
Shop B224A, B2/F

PAN de PAIN – Light Japanese Summer meals

Soda is not the only drink that relieves the heat in the hot summer. In addition to its famous pancakes, Japanese restaurant PAN de PAIN also brings several carefully curated detox water this summer without adding any additional sugar, keeping you cool and healthy. The fruits used need to be pre-soaked in distilled water for 12 hours to fully release the antioxidant elements. Due to the time required to make, they are only available in limited quantities every day. Pair it with the refreshing and creamy “Corn Soup Soba Noodles”, perfect for summer—the best choice for a healthy summer appetizer.

Shop B215, B2/F

Shake Shack – Super Avocado

Often known as a superfood, avocado is nutritious and filling. It has been a popular ingredient in different dishes in recent years. Shake Shack has also recently added a healthy touch to its burgers, adding avocado to the cheeseburger and serving it with applewood-smoked bacon and ShackSauce, giving it a juicy and fragrant taste. Other than that, there’s also the Avocado Bacon Chicken Burger. The crispy chicken and avocado are perfectly matched, and the buttermilk herb mayo brings out the unique taste.

Shake Shack
Shop B217-219, B2/F

city’super – Quality Healthy Snacks

To eat healthily, you have to say goodbye to unhealthy snacks. The Delta 1 Week Pack Low-Carb Nuts with Seed, available in city‘super is a healthy snack choice. No added Salt or oil goji berries and pumpkin seeds with unglazed low-carb nuts, the bag contains only 1.5 grams of low carbohydrates, which can provide the body with enough folic acid and dietary fibre. If you like avocados, don’t miss the HASS Avocados flown in from high-quality Australian farms. They are perfect as snacks, salads, or a nutritious meal.

Shop B1, B1/F

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