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SKECHERS Presents New BOBS Casual Shoes Celebrating Cute Furry Friends
SKECHERS Presents New BOBS Casual Shoes Celebrating Cute Furry Friends

As a leading global athletic apparel and footwear designer, SKECHERS has been committed to philanthropy around the world. Since 2015, through the BOBS from SKECHERS Collection, the brand has donated over US$8 million to save and help over 1.5 million shelter animals.

This year, SKECHERS gives the meaningful collection a new and lovely twist by presenting four new limited-edition BOBS women’s casual shoes adorned with the cute faces of our furry friends, raising public awareness of the well-being of abandoned animals. For every pair sold, SKECHERS will donate HK$50 to the Society for Abandoned Animals Limited (SAA), supporting the organization’s work in saving and helping the least lucky animals. Customer will also receive a limited-edition BOBS collapsible pet bowl as a token of appreciation. Get your new BOBS design and support this meaningful cause!

Lezona Sakabe from King Maker IV shows her support for abandoned animals

Lezona Sakabe, the Chinese-Japanese talent from the hit TV show King Maker IV, was invited to star in the campaign of the BOBS from SKECHERS collection with an adorable line-up of feline and canine models from SAA. An animal lover who is considering adopting a pet herself, Sakabe encourages the public to “adopt and never abandon pets”, and to choose shelter animals over those sold at pet shops. “Having a pet is a lifelong promise”, she noted. “These furry companions are our family, so how can we abandon them?”

The new additions to BOBS, one of SKECHERS’ signature street style collections, are inspired by cats and dogs of different breeds. The modern and cute prints remind us to always take care of these little animals with love.

BOBS women’s casual shoes—the puppy collection

Fashionistas cannot afford to miss this new design featuring a dazzling rainbow palette and delightful prints of dogs in different stylish looks. These eye-catching BOBS will take any weekend looks to the next level instantly.

Pet owners fascinated by the expressive faces of their four-legged friends will find this playful design filled with the smiling puppy prints hard to resist. The white slip-ons with adorable prints in soft colors are versatile and chic, perfect for a fun-filled walk with the doggies!

BOBS women’s casual shoes—the kitten collection

Those living with their feline companions will love this pair of BOBS that lively captures the many different faces and looks of this fabulous animal. Accurately portraying the expressions of cat, including one in an astronaut helmet, this design is a playful and must-have staple for every cat fan.

This sweet and feminine style subtly brings together the soft light brown hues, the khaki shoe laces and adorable prints of blushing kittens, revealing both the gentle and frisky sides of cats. Versatile and exquisite, it will give a romantic, casual outfit a playful touch.

Style Meets Comfort: Shop with a Cause

The iconic BOBS collection stands out with its bold design and SKECHERS’ comfort technologies. While the supple canvas upper ensures easy wearing, the exclusive SKECHERS Memory Foam™ insole provides ample cushioning to reduce pressure effectively, helping pet owners enjoy all-day comfort for every adventure with their furry best friends.

For every pair of BOBS sold, SKECHERS will donate HK$50 to SAA, and offer customers a limited-edition collapsible pet bowl for free as a token of appreciation, showing our love and care for abandoned animals.

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