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ba&sh: Summer Calling
ba&sh: Summer Calling

Just a few months, weeks, days to go… Even in the depths of winter, summer hovers tantalisingly on the horizon. So why not act like it’s already here?

With a little impatience and a lot of imagination, ba&sh girls are getting a head start on the sunshine season. Slipping into a dress when it’s still a bit nippy? Sunbathing on the snow? Wearing bold colours and holiday prints before the mercury has started to rise? We say yes to all three. After all, summer is a state of mind. All you have to do is believe in it. And guess what? The hazy days of summer are just a click of the fingers away.


…At least, not in the minds of the ba&sh girls. They laugh in the face of wintry weather, going all out with a colourful wardrobe designed to get things hotting up: from the blazer in lavender to boho ’70s-inspired dresses with its fuchsia and indigo floral or bold paisley print.

The Golden State of California, where the sun shines all year round, is the inspiration for some of this season’s key pieces, such as the multicoloured tie-dye T-shirt, the tie-front top and the sweatshirt with its ‘Energy’ slogan. Other pieces reference the great masters of colour: the green and ivory motifs dress echo Henri Matisse’s collages, while the multicoloured lines on the pleated skirt are a nod to Sonia Delaunay.

While waiting for the skies to turn blue, ba&sh is revisiting blue-denim shades in the kimono-style, quilted jacket and the western-inspired dress. For a more ’90s vibe, the brand has created fun denim dungarees and a series of clothes and accessories in monogrammed denim.

Finally, if it’s too early to lounge on the beach, then opt for pieces in shades that make you think of perfect pebbles and sublime sands instead. To further indulge your taste for the exotic, the dress with black and vanilla ikat-inspired geometric design is a veritable ode to freedom.


ba&sh girls follow the sun, wherever it goes, in search of summer. Here they are in the heart of the desert – an unexpected destination that reflects their adventurous, offbeat spirit.

You’ll find influences from all four corners of the globe in their cool and bohemian looks. The padded patchwork bomber echoes the embroidered kimono. And the sweater is like a piece of artisanal knitwear, with its open-stitch ecru knit and pattern of green and fuchsia stripes.

Halfway between tradition and abstract art, the prints offer a real energy boost and a wealth of options to choose from, such as graphic and pop-art flowers, jungle fantasy, stylised suns and even a collection of ornamental friezes… Whatever you decide, these ‘good vibes’ styles are a one-way ticket to sunshine.


The moment has finally come to step into the sunlight! ba&sh has come up with the perfect wardrobe for a summer that looks set to sizzle. Whether you’re in the city or on a paradise island, you’ll be rocking those holiday vibes – in just the right outfit.

First stop: ‘‘La Isla’’, a beachwear capsule collection inspired by the vibes of Rio de Janeiro. Once again, ba&sh shows off its passion for prints. Wonderfully wafty, the dress features multicoloured stripes that are almost hypnotic. A psychedelic print that takes you straight back to 1970s Ipanema: find this blend of geometric shapes in fuchsia, orange and apple green on the smock dress, the kimono and this season’s swimsuits.

All there is left to do now is enjoy the summer and go with the flow.

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