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Skincare essentials for Healthy Radiant Skin
Skincare essentials for Healthy Radiant Skin

Every woman has a lifelong goal of looking beautiful from the inside out. The first thing to maintain healthy skin is to find the skincare products that suit them. Next is to be diligent in skincare routines. Follow up with each routine step to let skin care products’ nutrients infiltrate the skin’s base layer and eliminate the problems deep in the skin to achieve the ultimate skincare goal, radiating from the inside out.

Jurlique- Golden Ratio of Water + Oil

‘Nourishing skin with oil’ is Jurlique’s new concept of maintaining hydrated skin. The secret recipe of the “8 + 2 golden rule” advocated by the brand is 8 drops of “upgraded version of Activating Water Essence”, combined with 2 drops of the brand’s hero facial moisturizing oil. You can choose facial moisturizing oil according to your needs or preferences. If you stick to the “rules” daily, you can lock in moisture for a long time and strengthen the skin barrier, repairing the skin from the base.

Shop B229A-B229B, B2/F

Sulwhasoo- Ginseng Luminous Radiance

To bid farewell to dull and inelastic skin, it is necessary to fundamentally improve the skin. Sulwhasoo developed the “Concentrated Ginseng Brightening Series” developed with proprietary Melasov™ and the result of 20 Years brightening study of AMOREPACIFIC, which can diminish the dark spots from the bottom of the skin for clear and bright skin. The Serum induces visible improvement in 7 signs of brightening, skin tone, skin texture, skin radiance, skin clarity, brightness of dark spot, number of dark spot and dark spot area. You can experience more luminous and more radiant skin than ever and performs enhanced effect for aging and sagging skin. At the same time, the Spot Ampoule can further enhance the brightening effect and moisturise the base layer of the skin, improving dullness, yellowing and other problems, making the skin clearer, firmer and brighter from within.

Shop 423-424, 4/F

Pola- Scientific Beauty

Pola, a Japanese brand that combines scientific research and technology to create high-efficiency skin care, has developed the 6th generation of the B.A series to further radiate skin vitality. Over the years, it has worked hard to study the changes and effects of human DNA on various aspects of skin quality and then incorporate exclusive research and development ingredients. A complete set of skincare products is launched to fundamentally improve skin quality, from makeup removers, cleansing creams, essence, lotion, nourishing cream, etc., along with the soulful aroma, radiating healthy skin quality and happiness.

Shop B205, B2/F

Sabon- Strengthen Skin Texture

Other than basic skincare, applying a mask to improve skin quality is essential! Sabon, a skincare brand from Israel, has launched various mask selections to enhance skin quality and relieve stress through natural aromas. Among them, the “Dead Sea 3-in-1 Mask & Scrub – Summer Edition” aims to improve dullness and enlarged pores, infused with sage essential oils with a calming effect, simultaneously improving skin and mood. The “Cooling Face Mask” can instantly hydrate and refresh the skin, relieving discomfort after sun exposure. It is definitely a must-have in hot summer!

Shop B211A, B2/F

Little Stardust- Sunnie Mate

If we want to maintain healthy skin during scorching Summer, sunscreen is a must. Catering to different needs, Little Stardust has launched the wonderful “Starrytale Sunnie Mate” series, combining sunscreen, skincare and makeup functions. With up to SPF50, the texture is thin, waterproof and sweatproof, which can easily protect against ultraviolet rays that cause Melanin or dark spots to form on the skin. Meanwhile, it moisturises and creates a natural makeup effect, satisfying all wishes in one!

Little Stardust
Shop B237, B2/F

WULT- Vegan Beauty

WULT (Woke Up Like This), which emphasizes maintaining skin quality in the best condition, has been in the spotlight recently with its natural and effective vegan skincare and beauty products. WULT’s “100% Hyaluronic Acid” can fundamentally improve skin texture with natural active moisturizing ingredients; it deeply hydrates and simultaneously calms the skin. The bamboo extract enhances skin immunity and resists sensitizers, gradually letting the skin regains moisture and plumpness. It is gorgeous from the inside out.

Woke Up Like This
Shop B245, B2/F

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