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Refresh and reboot your skin with Spring Skincare
Refresh and reboot your skin with Spring Skincare

How to adjust and maintain the skin’s best condition according to the season? The key is to adjust your skincare routine accordingly. As we transition from Winter to Spring, it is common for skin to become sensitive. Mild and lightweight skin care products are the nutrients your skin craves most now. Moisturizing is still essential, and as you switch to new products, remember to keep observing the skin’s transformation and tolerance so the skin can maintain its best condition in any climate.

DermaElements- Age Reversing Skin

DermaElements, an American cosmeceutical skincare brand, recently launched a premier anti-ageing duo set, “Age Reverse Lifting Face Cream”, which can rebuild skin architecture. It contains organically cultivated Kangaroo Flower botanical extracts from Australia, effectively stimulating collagen and elastin synthesis and reducing skin sensitivity due to the changing seasons. The ingredients can penetrate deeply into the skin, improve problems such as skin sagging, moisture loss, and dullness, restore the skin’s youthful lustre, and reverse skin condition.

Shop 919B, 9/F

CHANEL- Power of Red Camellia

CHANEL’s classic camellia has long been irreplaceable in the fashion industry. In recent years, the brand has injected camellia into its skincare products, using red camellia to energise and improve skin quality. For the first time, CHANEL Research has developed a mask that pairs the effectiveness of hibiscus extract with the technical sophistication of two naturally derived AHAs. The soft gel texture moisturises and soothes the skin while gently exfoliating and refining the skin texture, making it more beautiful, delicate, and bright.

Shop B238-B239, B2/F

L’Occitane- Resetting Natural Skin Quality

Extracted from 100% organic Immortelle, L’Occitane’s hero product, Immortelle Overnight Reset Oil-In-Serum is highly recognized in the skin care industry for its soothing, reactivating and glowing effects. It is also the nutrient that the skin needs most during the transitional seasons. This serum awakens the skin’s self-repairing ability, protecting it from external aggressors and sealing the moisture, maintaining the skin at its best condition.

Shop B204, B2/F

Jurlique- Soothing and Calming

Jurlique’s signature mist, which instantly calms the skin while replenishing moisture, is the best partner in between seasons. The collection includes the hydrating Jurlique Rose, calming lavender, and softening Sweet Violet mist. Suitable for daily use and before makeup, the light texture allows quick and easy skin absorption, and the botanic and floral aroma lifts up the mood.

Shop B229A-B229B, B2/F

FANCL- Nourishing from inside out

The skin is at high risk for becoming sensitive during seasonal change; using oral intakes can definitely help strengthen our skin. Drinking a bottle of FANCL Tense up daily can help replenish the skin’s collagen. Patented Tri-peptide has easily-absorbed smaller molecules and therefore can be absorbed quickly, which contributes to the skin’s strong and smooth resilience. It also increases the skin’s capacity to hydrate, improves skin elasticity, reducing redness or itching and other sensitive conditions caused by dehydration.

Shop B226-B227, B2/F

WULT- Skin Regeneration

The latest product, “GLOW PAL slinky silk mask with Retinol” by local brand WULT (Woke Up Like This) is suitable for frequent use during the transitional days. The mask promotes the growth of new cells, revealing a glowing bright complexion, infused with Retinol encapsulated with high-end technology by enrobing Vitamin A actives and super plants in liposomal spheres made of micro lipid globules. Enhanced absorption awakens tired and dull skin, bringing instant radiance to the skin.

Woke Up Like This
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