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La Prairie: Re-Imagining White Caviar Pearl Infusion
La Prairie: Re-Imagining White Caviar Pearl Infusion

Inspired by the extraordinary journey of light through Switzerland, La Prairie’s scientists capture its singular illuminating power and bring it to the skin. In their pursuit of extraordinary skin luminosity, they re-examined the House’s signature Science of Light, the foundation of the White Caviar Collection.

Today, La Prairie unveils a unique luminosity with White Caviar Pearl Infusion. Newly powered by encapsulated LumidoseTM, La Prairie’s proprietary illuminating molecule, and enriched with Swiss Golden Caviar ingredients, this re-imagined potent serum addresses skin’s ability to reflect light and improves its firmness.

With White Caviar Pearl Infusion, skin is infused with an extraordinary light.


Skin luminosity depends upon the amount and quality of light radiating from the skin, which in turn is determined by three dimensions: pigments, texture and skin density.

Based on research into these parameters affecting skin luminosity, La Prairie’s Science of Light takes a three-pronged approach, focusing on reducing discolouration and increasing the quality of the reflective elements of the skin, both on its surface and deep within.

La Prairie’s re-innovated White Caviar Pearl Infusion focuses on reducing the appearance of the four major pigmentation disturbances – brown spots, redness, sallowness and greyness – and increasing the density of collagen fibres in the dermis.

White Caviar Pearl Infusion enhances skin luminosity with the use of cutting-edge technologies and unique active ingredients.

LumidoseTM: the most potent illuminating molecule, encapsulated

Emerging from 15 years of research, LumidoseTM is the most potent inhibitor known of human tyrosinase – the enzyme responsible for the formation of the brown pigment melanin. For the first time, La Prairie has incorporated LumidoseTM in a double encapsulation technology. This cutting-edge delivery system is made of highly versatile lipid assemblies able to modulate skin’s barrier function and penetrate the skin, delivering LumidoseTM where it is most needed, in the bottom-most layer of the epidermis where the formation of melanin takes place. As a result, the appearance of dark spots is reduced in a targeted, efficient manner.

A new Swiss caviar ingredient

In the re-imagined White Caviar Pearl Infusion formulation, La Prairie introduces for the first time its latest caviar ingredient. Extracted from caviar fragments, Swiss Golden Caviar Minerals contain minerals that work as activators of antioxidant enzymes in the skin. These enzymes help fight oxidative stress, a key driver of the development of yellow, red and brown pigment disturbances.

In addition to these two illuminating active ingredients, White Caviar Pearl Infusion contains Swiss Golden Caviar Extract to help densify the dermal collagen network.

This powerful formulation is enhanced with the Exclusive Cellular ComplexTM, La Prairie’s rejuvenating science signature.

The re-innovated White Caviar Pearl Infusion brings skin luminosity to new heights. The skin’s dark spots, redness, yellowness and greyness are visibly reduced. Skin surface appears smoother, its density is enhanced, and it feels firmer.


The desire to preserve nature, the House’s timeless source of inspiration, is deeply rooted in its purpose. La Prairie scientists have therefore re-innovated White Caviar Pearl Infusion to be as effective as it is respectful of nature.

The packaging of the re-innovation has been specifically designed with a sustainable vision. The glass cylinder can be disassembled from the pump, allowing for sustainable disposal of the glass cylinder in appropriate facilities*.

*Recycling facilities for this product packaging may be dependent on the availability of the location


As the signature caviar beads are dispensed, they melt and transform into a refined, lightweight gel that glides flawlessly onto the skin.

The texture is light-infused, immediately catching the eye with its elegant pearlescence. Delicate and silky, it offers an exceptional level of sensoriality.


La Prairie’s illuminating and firming ritual begins with White Caviar Essence Extraordinaire. The illuminating and firming treatment lotion hydrates and diminishes the appearance of age spots. White Caviar Pearl Infusion follows, optimising skin’s ability to reflect light by reducing the appearance of pigmentation disturbances and improving skin surface for better light reflection, whilst supporting its firmness. White Caviar Eye Extraordinaire is then applied, targeting the pigmentation disturbances of the delicate skin in the eye area. The ritual concludes with White Caviar Crème Extraordinaire, the illuminating cream that improves the appearance of dullness and visibly stamps out unevenness to leave the complexion illuminated.

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