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Helena Rubinstein Powercell Skinmunity Serum
Helena Rubinstein Powercell Skinmunity Serum

A Synergy Between Science And Beauty

Always at the avant-garde, Helena Rubinstein works hand in hand with leading scientists to define the future of beauty. More than a decade ago, the brand made history when it became one of the first beauty brand to recognize the regenerative potential of native samphire cells and pioneer their use in skincare.

In 2023, the brand takes its innovations in Cellular Skin Science to the next level with an enhanced formulation of the iconic Powercell Skinmunity Youth Reinforcing Serum. Driven by game-changing biotech savoir-faire, this 97% natural origin formula leaves the skin instantly younger, stronger and invincible.

The Power Of Nature Samphire 

Samphire (Crithmum Maritimum) is a protected plant species that thrives along the rough shoreline of the Emerald Coast in Brittany, France. Known as “the stone piercer” for its ability to penetrate unyielding rock, this vibrant green plant flourishes in extreme conditions.

Over millennia, Samphire evolved to adapt to its environment, developing an inbuilt defense stress resistance system that protects it against everyday aggressors including high winds, dryness, and saltwater exposure. Furthermore, a natural ability to produce polyphenolic compounds shields it against damage caused by relentless UV exposure.

A New Routine To Face Modern Hectic Lifestyles

In the years since Helena Rubinstein’s initial advances with native Samphire cell technology, the pace of modern life has only grown faster, taking a toll on the skin’s appearance and aggravating imbalance in ways that manifest both immediately and over time.

New Augmented Powercell Skinmunity Youth Reinforcing Serum

With an improved, 97% natural origin formula for fast, strong, youthful-looking skin, the new Powercell Skinmunity Youth Reinforcing Serum combines the regenerative properties of Samphire native vegetal cells (+15% vs previous formula) with a trio of powerful actives, blending the stabilizing, soothing benefits of Ectoin (extremolyte amino acid) and the balancing properties of new-gen corrective derma actives (Bix’ActivTM & Bisabolol) to strengthen, correct and perfect unbalanced skins even in hectic life conditions.

Developed specifically to stabilize and control the skin, this deeply regenerating serum has an iconic, milky, transformative texture that noticeably improves skin quality by actively calibrating its delicate balance, smoothing roughness and decrease imperfections, enhancing radiance and ensuring a sensation of comfort.

Helena Rubinstein
Lane Crawford, G/F

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