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Find your perfect classic scent for the Holiday Seasons
Find your perfect classic scent for the Holiday Seasons

As we enter Autumn and Winter, perfumes also need a change! Perfume can best represent a person’s personality and characteristics. But where should you start? Other than choosing your favourite fragrance, you might as well consider buying a life-long collectable “classic perfume”; each is a brand classic, exuding a unique and timeless elegance scent.

CHANEL- Limited Holiday Collectable

This year, CHANEL presents two all-in-one limited-edition fragrance rituals that pair fragrances with scented essentials to extend the aroma experience. The N°5 gift set includes N°5 Eau de Parfum (50ml) and N°5 The Body Oil (100ml) presented for the first time in a bottle whose silhouettes echo the iconic N°5 fragrance — a gift set showcasing the sensuality of the legendary scent.

Shop B238-B239, B2/F

LOEWE- Elegant Floral Scent

Designed to celebrate the radiance of women’s beauty, Loewe Aura Eau de Parfum collection uses distinctive flowers to create a unique fragrance that interchanges between luxury and every day. Aura Pink Magnolia Eau de Parfum captures light and is adorned with a golden brushstroke incorporating real gold particles, with a cap made of Sycamore wood that represents its organic nature. At the core are the strong notes of pink magnolia, neutralised by the freshness of fruit notes, then blended in sandalwood and musk to create a natural wood scent element.

Shop 305-306A, 3/F

Dior- The Aroma of Lucky

Fresh and elegant, with a profusion of white flowers and freshness, Dior Lucky fragrance is a delicate and elegant Lily-of-the-Valley fragrance. Convinced, Mr Dior would stitch a sprig of Lily-of-the-Valley into the hem of his dresses for good luck. Dior’s chief perfumer, François Demachy, wanted to represent the perfume of this hidden Lily-of-the-Valley sewn into meters of silk, design a fragrance that combines a variety of fresh white flowers. This scent of luck gradually reveals, bringing you a good luck charm to wear.

Shop B207B, B2/F

Rituals- Sophisticated Style

A tribute of the world’s best perfumers to the most iconic and ancient places across the globe, Rituals’ The Iconic Collection is a collection of richly designed fragrances, sustainably curated and inspired by the precious ingredients in the world’s most iconic and ancient destinations. With Fleurs de l’Himalaya and Roi d’Orient, discover fragrances from the Valley of Flowers and the Arabian Desert.

Shop B221B, B2/F

Clinique- Unlimited Happiness

Elegant citrus, rich floral fragrance, a passionate blend. Clinique’s best-selling women’s fragrance Happy Perfume Spray, interplays fresh, vibrant notes—ruby red grapefruit and bergamot — with soft, sensual ones — Hawaiian wedding flower, spring mimosa. Each spray is a booster for unlimited happiness.

Shop B202, B2/F

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