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Exquisite makeup ideas for this Halloween
Exquisite makeup ideas for this Halloween

It’s almost Halloween again, and the most anticipated thing is definitely partying with friends and dressing up as ghosts and spirits. While dressing up as a ghost does not necessarily have to be bloody or go to great lengths to put on scary makeup. Why not go for beautiful makeup this year? First, let’s go to the party with very eye-catching makeup! To draw attention, start with your daily makeup: highlighting the eye or lip makeup can easily add an alluring and mysterious makeup effect, and create an unforgettable makeup for yourself!

M‧A‧C- Halloween Eye Makeup

Minimalist makeup with eye-catching eye makeup can avoid an excessive makeup look. M‧A‧C’s eyeshadow collection is the best first choice for eye makeup for Halloween this year! Besides the natural eyeshadow palette for daily light makeup, the colourful palette launched to cater to the Y2K trend is the first choice for party makeup. Used alone or mixed with style to create a gradient three-dimensional look, the 12 bright colours will help create the makeup effects that make you the party’s focus!

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Sisley- Dewy Red Lips

Developed with various natural moisturizing ingredients, the Sisley Phyto-Rouge Shine lipstick collection uses bright colours to bring a posh makeup experience. With a total of 15 colours come in four different colour families and two finishes: shiny and iridescent; together with an ultra-comfortable formula designed with high-tech pigments for an instant moisturizing and plumping effect. Combined with the brand’s signature lip pencil, it adds dimension and durability to the lip makeup, making it a must-have for daily and party look.

Shop B207A, B2/F

Benefit- Plush and Splash

Benefit’s latest Tints Collection is inspired by the brand’s first lip tints in the 1970s. The collection features two lip tints that offer different finishes and textures: Plushtint, a moisturizing velvety matte lip tint, and Splashtint, a moisturizing dewy lip tint. Both come in 12 shades, offering the same moisturizing effect on the lips. From natural shades that are essential for light makeup to rich, bright reds, they can definitely fit various styles of Halloween looks!

Shop B206A, B2/F

WULT- 3D Brow Shaping

Whether it’s daily or party makeup, eyebrow makeup should not be ignored, as natural and neat lines will surely affect the overall effect. WULT, a popular local skincare and makeup brand, has launched the “Tip Top Pen” to create a detailed, three-dimensional eyebrow shape. The creamy tinted solution is infused with microfibers of polished plant wax, which can grab and coat every last lash while easily outlining them, creating soft, tamed, and fuller-looking brows of enhanced definition.

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