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Body Scrub by SABON
Body Scrub by SABON

Back in 1997, we crafted the ultimate Body Scrub – one magical jar sparking wonder in your skin. Today, this scrub became our iconic worldwide bestseller, loved by our customers all over the world. So loved, that every 30 seconds, a SABON Body Scrub is sold around the globe.

Today, SABON is launching a new generation of the iconic body scrub that doesn’t just exfoliate, it provides proven intense nourishment from the first use. One scrub, two remarkable benefits, for an enchanting new skin effect. Packed with a unique blend of mineral-rich Dead Sea salts and organic botanical oils, it offers a transformative experience, making you fall in love with your new skin every time you use it. It’s ‘THE ONE’ you’ve been waiting for.

Pioneering Joyful Beauty Moments Infused with Nature

For over two decades, SABON has been at the forefront of crafting joyful beauty moments, artfully infused with the healing powers of nature. Since our inception in 1997, we have been dedicated to pampering you with a luxurious array of bath, skin, and body products, meticulously formulated with natural ingredients and inspired by time-honored traditions.

Our mission transcends skincare; it’s about revealing and sharing joy in your everyday life through enchanting moments of wonder. We’ve reimagined beauty rituals as holistic journeys, where each encounter with our products is a multisensory delight. Our vision of beauty is grounded in nature and encompasses qualities of being natural, generous, authentic, creative, and above all, joyful – a vision that resonates deeply with our vibrant community of enthusiasts.

It All Began with Our Iconic Body Scrub

Back in 1997, we embarked on a journey of skincare innovation, crafting the ultimate Body Scrub – one magical jar that cradled a unique combination of Dead Sea salts and precious botanical oils in an unexpected salt-in-oil texture. A cornerstone of our philosophy, this mineral-rich creation marked the genesis of SABON’s commitment to sensorial and perfumed body care rituals.  

Today, this scrub has transcended time to become our iconic worldwide bestseller, cherished and adored by our loyal customers all over the world. The journey that started with the Body Scrub has evolved into a legacy of transformative beauty experiences.

Capturing the Rejuvenating Properties of the Dead Sea 

For centuries, the Dead Sea has been celebrated for its remarkable therapeutic properties.  

Nestled amidst serene desert surroundings, with clean air and mineral-rich waters, this natural wonder was even cherished by Queen Cleopatra herself, who attributed her legendary beauty to its healing benefits.

The mineral-rich waters and salts of the Dead Sea boast an unparalleled composition of 21 natural minerals, including an astonishing concentration of magnesium, 15 times higher than any other sea. 

These mineral salts serve as gentle, natural exfoliants, offering more than just the removal of dead skin cells – they also revitalize the body, functioning as vitalizing and detoxifying micro-nutrients for skin that radiates with health.

SABON’s new generation Body Scrub, is an exquisite fusion of Dead Sea salts and botanical oils meticulously crafted to pamper and nourish skin like never before.

A New Generation of Body Scrub – Exfoliation and Intense Nourishment Combined

Unveil a skincare transformation like never before with the new generation of our iconic body scrub. Enriched with a harmonious blend of Dead Sea salts and 3 organic botanical oils, it’s unexpected salt-in-oil texture gently exfoliates the skin to remove dead cells and recharges your skin with essential minerals, while providing an intense nourishment.  Offered in an array of delightful scents, it’s a kind of scrub that will make you fall in love with your new, silky, radiant skin, every time you use it. 

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