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“Steak” your claim on Shake Shack’s New York Steakhouse
“Steak” your claim on Shake Shack’s New York Steakhouse

If you’ve been wanting to visit the Big Apple without having to travel halfway across the world, you’re in luck!  As a tribute to our home in New York City, the New York Steakhouse is available at all Shack locations in Hong Kong and Macau from June 25 to September 8, 2024. With just one bite, your tastebuds will transport you to the warm and inviting ambience of a dimly lit dining room in old New York with rich mahogany paneling, and plush leather banquettes.

The N.Y. Steakhouse Burger is inspired by classic ingredients, crafted by 100% allnatural Angus beef with a white cheddar cheeseburger that’s topped with sautéed cremini mushrooms, fried onions, and a layer of horseradish peppercorn mayo. The flavor combination is utterly addictive; your palate will be awakened by the sharp, zesty, nose-tingling kick of horseradish, which is then mellowed with the rich, umami earthiness of the mushrooms.  

Let’s be real: No steak dinner is complete without a delicious side, and the N.Y. Steakhouse Fries should do just the trick. Bacon, fresh scallions, and horseradish peppercorn mayo add a spicy, tangy kick on top of our signature crinkle-cut fries. Could there be a more perfect pairing? 

Level up your meal with a delicious wine! Immerse yourself in the full New York steakhouse experience with a sip of our Shack Red, a rich and ripe Pinot Noir, or our Shack White, a bright and crisp Sauvignon Blanc. Each complements the depth of flavors from the juicy burger and the horseradish zing.

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