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Unleash your inner glow with the essense of self-care
Unleash your inner glow with the essense of self-care

The fast-paced urban life can be suffocating; learning how to de-stress and relax is also one way to treat yourself well. Simple daily steps such as using stress-relieving bath products, choosing sleep-inducing aromatherapy, or scheduling a massage can temporarily set aside life stress, recharge, and face various challenges, keeping your mind and body in a healthy state. How do you pamper yourself?

Jurlique – Herbal Power

Stress relief can also begin with skincare. Jurlique’s Herbal Recovery collection gives the skin a youthful vitality. Ingredients such as Holy Basil, Iris Root, and Echinacea help minimise signs of skin ageing and moisturising effects on the skin and effectively build the skin barrier to resist external damage. The unique blend of scents creates a pleasant feeling, boosting both the skin condition and mood.

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Rituals – A space for peaceful sleep

Adequate and restful sleep is the key to daily energy supply. The Relax and Sleep collections by Rituals are specially designed to soothe the body and mind. The inspiration for The Ritual of Jing collection comes from the traditional Chinese concept of “tranquillity, calmness.” Ingredients such as lotus are gently blended to bring soothing and calming effects, allowing the body and mind to completely relax and enjoy a good night’s sleep.

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OSIM – Stress Relief Massages

OSIM’s latest invisible massage chair breaks space limitations. The compact body can be placed on different chairs at home for enjoyment. With the world’s first app-linked and stress-monitoring technology, it provides users with personalised massage enjoyment. The compact body is fully functional and packed with patented massage technologies, including neck & shoulder kneading massage, back trampling, and foot massage, allowing you to indulge in the pleasure of massage in different corners of your home.

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La Famille – Sprinkle A little sweetness

There are many ways to treat yourself well, and giving yourself a little sweetness amidst a busy schedule is also a lovely reward ritual. La Famille presents “Mango and Passion Fruit”, a tropical-style chiffon cake that gives you a few minutes to feel like you’re on vacation. The cake is topped with crystal-clear peach jelly layered with mango & passion fruit mousse and refreshing aloe vera, offering a deliciously tangy and refreshing taste to perfectly end an exhausting day.

La Famille
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Inside – Premium Bath Pampering 

A high-quality bath collection can refresh and rejuvenate oneself after a long day of work. Inside’s organic care products are all vegan-friendly and ethically produced. The Australian bath collection includes scrubs, soap bars, shower gels, and hand creams, instantly provide moisture and a refreshing feeling to the skin after use. After bathing, slip on a stylish block printed bathrobe and elegantly and comfortably bid farewell to fatigue.

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BOSE – Exclusive Music Space

There should be music all the time, regardless of how you feel. BOSE’s dedication to sound quality is definitely a dream companion for music lovers. The newest Bose Open Earbuds with the all-day wearing comfy design allows you to enjoy your favourite music all the time, even in running, shopping or gathering. While Bose Headphones feature personalised noise-cancelling technology, allowing users to enjoy their favourite music in a quiet environment, temporarily forgetting all worries and immersing themselves in a self-exclusive, perfect sound.

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Panier des Sens – Perfect Skin Condition

Improve your skin condition and mood. Panier des Sens’s Saffron Youth anti-wrinkle collection uses saffron as the main ingredient, combined with hyaluronic acid, prebiotics and postbiotics, which have anti-wrinkle qualities while bringing firmness and brightness to the skin. The collection includes eye cream, serum and moisturiser products, improving overall skin quality.

Panier des Sens
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