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Samsonite unveils Exclusive Chinese New Year Gift Set in Collaboration with Yuet Tung China Works
Samsonite unveils Exclusive Chinese New Year Gift Set in Collaboration with Yuet Tung China Works

Samsonite, the world-renowned luggage brand, is delighted to announce its collaboration with Yuet Tung China Works, a prestigious century-old porcelain manufacturer in Hong Kong, to launch an exquisite Chinese New Year gift set. This limited-edition offering is not only designed to celebrate the spirit of the festive season, but also demonstrate the commitment of these two centennial brands to preserving and celebrating local cultural heritage.

The Samsonite x Yuet Tung China Works Chinese New Year gift set features a meticulously crafted Guangcai bone China round plate and a red packet box set. This collectible plate pays homage to both Samsonite’s legacy of excellence and Yuet Tung China Works’ unparalleled expertise in porcelain manufacturing by integrating iconic landmarks from around the world into traditional Guangcai patterns. The featured landmarks include the Great Wall of China, the Taj Mahal in India, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Big Ben in London, the Torii Gate in Japan, the Sydney Opera House, and the Pyramids of Egypt. This gift set symbolizes spreading blessings to travellers worldwide, representing the notion that with Samsonite luggage, one can explore the world’s wonders and return home with abundant blessings of “fortune, prosperity and longevity”.

Just like the limited-edition gift set, Samsonite luggage embodies the same commitment to quality and attention to detail, ensuring your travels are not only convenient but also a reflection of your unique personality. Explore our wide range of innovative and durable luggage options, designed to accompany you on all your adventures, while showcasing the timeless classic design and reliability that Samsonite is renowned for.

The Iconic C-lite Collection

The C-Lite series embodies Samsonite’s proud century-old craftsmanship of “lightweight” and “durability” with the Curv® technology. The series’ lightest variant weighs only 1.9kg (carry-on size). Equipped with innovative extended double pull handles and double spinner wheels, the C-Lite series not only offers aesthetic appeal but also provides incredible lightness and excellent comfort, ensuring a smoother travel experience.

Samsonite Black Label Luxurious Re.Classic Collection

Re.Classic redefines timeless design codes with a refreshingly bold and energetic aesthetic. Its unique exterior blends edgy, rock ‘n’ roll-inspired studs and straps with premium accents such as zinc alloy corner protectors and genuine leather handles. For the confident and unconventional globetrotter, Re.Classic is the discerning choice. The Re.Classic Spinner is compact but offers everything a traveller needs. The interior is spacious and well-divided, making it easier for you to organize your belongings neatly. In transit, the TSA combination lock provides peace of mind and the Aero-Trac™ suspension wheels ensure a smooth ride. The complimentary Lycra cover keeps the exterior of the case pristine and clean during storage.

The Stylish Minter Collection

Minter’s sophisticated design, vertical grooves on the outer case and the aluminium Samsonite logo bar in the centre of the case, represent the luxury and simplicity of this range. Minter is equipped with Aero-Trac™ Suspension Wheel System, providing effortless and silky smooth manoeuvrability, reducing noise and vibration. Convenience is enhanced by the use of a front suspension hook. The TSA combination lock and anti-theft double zip further enhance security. The interior is fully covered with high quality jacquard lining made with Recyclex™ material technology from 100% postconsumer recycled PET bottles.

The Innovative Trunk-shaped Stem Collection

Designed with the modern traveller in mind, STEM combines a striking trunk-like exterior with an ultra-spacious interior. The Flat-Max™ 20:80 design ensures that volume is maximised when packing. To further streamline packing, all Stem cases feature a Smart Divider – a flexible threecompartment shelf that allows items to be stored in a systematic and organised manner. There are also double-sided dividers with multiple pockets for quick access to smaller personal items.

Aside from the ingenious packing elements, each Stem case features Aero-Trac™ suspension wheels that work in perfect synergy to reduce noise and vibration and ensure precise manoeuvrability. You’ll also find sturdy TSA combination locks and anti-theft zippers, ensuring the ultimate in security for those travelling with the case. Each Stem case features a wide and comfortable soft-grip handle design to make it easier to grab the case on the go. To make the luggage range even more desirable and eco-friendly, all interiors are fully lined with high quality jacquard lining made with Recyclex™ material technology from 100% post-consumer recycled PET bottles.

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