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Nourish your mind, body and soul, and allow yourself a moment of emptiness.
Nourish your mind, body and soul, and allow yourself a moment of emptiness.

After a series of parties and events over Christmas, whether it’s exhaustion or feeling a sense of loss, you still need to tend to: find a way that works for you to release negative energy or recharge yourself. Pick a scented candle that speaks to you, and it can relax your body and mind and let you welcome the new year in the best state.

LOEWE Scent of Fields

Jonathan Anderson, creative director of LOEWE, combined his childhood love for plants and gardening with scientific knowledge to form the brand’s latest “Plant-Based Home Scents Collection”. The uniqueness lies in the selection of ingredients such as beetroot, luscious pea, ivy, liquorice and cucumber, etc. From the ingredients to the bottle and packaging, every inch exudes the ambience of nature, filling your home with an idyllic natural atmosphere.

Shop 305-306A, 3/F

Dior Irresistible Hydrangea Aroma

The popular Toile de Jouy pattern has come a long way: from an iconic brand pattern to a luxurious choice in the world of candles. Filled with elegant and gentle hydrangea trail fragrance, it is a tribute to Mr. Dior’s passion for gardens. The singular hydrangea scent mixed with notes of citrus, herbs and moss, forming a delicate yet vivid and rich, luxurious scent, igniting a full-bodied and relaxing aroma to fill the room.

Shop 214-215, 2/F

Chanel Glittering Gold

Scented with the House’s legendary fragrances, CHANEL takes you on a journey to explore the beauty of the moon and starry skies during this holiday season. Other than a collection of cosmetics products inspired by the landing on the moon, the collection also includes a lightweight body oil. Infused with pearlescent gold sparkles that lend a subtle shimmer to the skin, it also leaves the skin hydrated while exuding the classic CHANEL No.5 scent.
#CHANELFragrance #N5 

Shop 209-210, 2/F

Sabon Charming Sweetness

Featuring “Blush Gourmand” as the theme of the Christmas collection, Sabon transforms fresh and slightly sweet fragrances into Christmas edition aroma diffusers and scented candles. Bottled in pink, this fragrant use Bergamot as the top note, followed by almond and rose, finishing with the calmness of musk and sandalwood as the base note, captivating ladies’ hearts.

Shop B211A, B2/F

Rituals Classic Scent

Rituals, the luxurious home and body brand from Europe. With carefully select precious ingredients for their aromatic products. Including The Ritual of Ayurveda, the Indian rose and sweet almond oil ingredients in the collection create a balancing effect, helping you start your day with inner harmony.

Shop B221B, B2/F

Jurlique Essential Oil Aromatherapy

Aroma and fragrance work like magic, instantly transforming your mood through your olfactory system and sending miraculous healing and relaxing energy to the soul via your skin. Carefully mixed and formulated essential oils extracted through their unique Bio- IntrinsicTM extraction method, such as Bergamot, Lavender, Sandalwood, and Chamomile, etc., have a calming effect that can relax the nervous system and relieve insomnia. Use them for a bath or a full body massage to destress and balance your body and soul, leaving you feeling light and rejuvenated!

Shop B229A-B229B, B2/F

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