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Happy 2023! Shine bright and beautiful for a new year.
Happy 2023! Shine bright and beautiful for a new year.

The Lunar New Year is approaching. Traditionally, this festive period symbolises an excellent start to the new year. As the saying goes, Spring is the best time to set new plans. It is, of course, essential to give yourself and your beloved family a boost at the beginning of the year. Gift them some carefully selected New Year’s presents such as luxurious and elegant jewellery, skincare or cosmetics products, and it will definitely start the new year with radiance, good people and good things, and a good start.

CHANEL- Instant Mood Booster

Good skin, glowing, good mood. Any beauty lovers pursue radiant and flawless skin, the Red Camellia collection from No. 1 de CHANEL is the perfect tasteful choice for New Year’s gifts. The latest launch of the collection is serum and cream, injecting rejuvenating energy into the skin anytime, anywhere. The serum containing red camellia extract can improve any ageing signs of the skin, making it plump and more radiant; the aroma of the cream instantly brightens the mood, allowing your skin to look moisturised, welcoming a great new year with the best self.

Shop 209-210, 2/F

Qeelin- Auspicious Wishes

Prominent orientalism with luxurious and beautiful diamonds, plus the Wulu pattern that symbolizes auspiciousness, the signature work of Qeelin is definitely an elegant gift choice. Within the brand’s WuluWulu series, onyx, emerald and diamonds paved on 18k white gold or rose gold, creating the elegant and sophisticated beauty of modern women; for the most important woman in life, send her the sincerest auspicious blessings.

Shop 213, 2/F

Blissful Blessings from Chow Tai Fook

Chow Tai Fook launches the “Golden Rabbit of Fortune” pure gold collection for this Chinese New Year, adding extravagance to the cute little rabbits and sending blessings for the Year of the Rabbit. In this collection, there are pure gold ornaments that symbolise prosperity, joy, wealth and fortune; as for jewellery, elements such as crowns and lucky stars are designed as pure gold charms on red bracelets, embellished with heartfelt blessings with every detail.

Chow Tai Fook
Shop B233-B235, B2/F

Chow Sang Sang Dazzling Love

Diamonds are the best for expressing love as they symbolise eternity. Chow Sang Sang’s signature diamond brand, Infini Love Diamond™, infused this love into the dazzling jewellery collection. Among that, the 18k white gold diamond single earring is specially designed with eight hearts claw diamond setting, radiating sparkles and luxurious beauty in the simplest form. The 18k white and red gold diamond necklace and earrings presenting the beauty of “Octagonal Star with 8 Hearts and 8 Arrows” with the exclusive 3EX PLUS cut standard, representing eternal love with the dazzling brilliance of diamonds.

Chow Sang Sang
Shop B230-B231, B2/F

Little Stardust- Dewy Sparkling Shimmer

The secret to keeping hydrated skin is diligent skin care. Make good use of the New Year holidays to recharge your skin so that you can look your best anytime. Little Stardust specially launched the “Extreme Repair and Shine Set” with many hero products to welcome the Year of the Rabbit. The set includes N.1 Pure Plump Ultimate Water Luminous Essence, N.2 Pure Glow Brightening Mask, N.3 Wonder Mask all effect mask, and N.19 Wonder Waterful Toning Essence, allowing the skin to be radiant all the time, and face the challenges of the new year with glowing skin.

Little Stardust
Shop B237, B2/F

WULT- Natural Beauty

Natural and translucent lip colour has been a significant cosmetics trend in recent years. The nourishing lip oil launched by the vegan beauty brand WULT (Woke Up Like This) is the best option to create this perfect lip makeup! Ingredients contain nutrient-rich seed oil, anti-oxidant squalane and hyaluronic acid, plus lactic acid bacteria starter to promote regeneration. It can thoroughly moisturize the lips and gives a lush and smooth look, a refreshing and natural look for the new year. 

Woke Up Like This
Shop B245, B2/F

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