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Feel Good with Rituals Classic Home Collections
Feel Good with Rituals Classic Home Collections

Discover mindful living by transforming your house into a home with Rituals’ Classic Home Collections. The extensive line of home products is designed to help balance, purify, relax and make you feel completely one with your surroundings. The luxury of our signature home fragrances and candles will help enrich living spaces, whether they are warm or welcoming, refreshing or energising. Specially designed for the home, our collections bring more meaning to everyday routines. They also add a touch of luxury to the surroundings, helping to create a beautiful sanctuary where one can be their truest self.

Your home is where you should feel good, no matter what. It is the one place that should nurture your well-being at all times, as a reflection of your truest self. Fill your home with love and attention, and discover the beauty of our signature home fragrances and candles, especially designed to help transform your house into a home. Look to our range of luxury home fragrances, scented candles and refills to create a welcoming atmosphere and sense of well-being that welcomes you as soon as you open the door.

Reed Diffusers

Our fragrance sticks are curvaceous beauties with a wave-fold design and matte finish. Perfect for any room. Unwind, relax, you’re home.

Scented Candles

Turn your house into a home with our restyled candles. Perfect for any room; Unwind, relax, you’re home. All our candles contain natural rapeseed wave, bringing you up to 50 hours of fragrant joy.

Parfum dÍnterieur

Create a unique aromatic sensation in your home with just a spritz of our pleasing perfume spray.

Refill Fragrance Sticks

Continue to have those beautiful and luxury items in your home, while being mindful of the planet.

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