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Dragon-Year Wonders: Curated Gift Picks
Dragon-Year Wonders: Curated Gift Picks

Everything starts afresh with the new year. To welcome the Year of the Dragon, it’s time to pamper yourself and your loved ones, get the shopping list ready, or make a wild shopping spree and be prepared for an abundant new year! All brands are ready for the new year with gifts of limited editions specially designed for the Year of Dragon for yourself or as presents. Wishing everyone an auspicious, joyful and fulfilling year full of blessings.

Bottega Veneta- Exquisite leather handbags

Bottega Veneta’s Lunar New Year edition is the translation of craft and creativity. The brand infused dragon elements into the extremely popular Sardine and Jodie handbags. The Sardine handbag is embellished with hand woven leather fringing positioned on the handle and on the bottom trim of the bag, inspired by the crest of the dragon. The Mini Jodie’s signature knot has been twisted this season to recreate a dragon shape like tail, a representation of craft in motion.

Bottega Veneta
Shop 205-208, 2/F

Furla- Beauty of soft waves

Inspired by the Arch design of the birthplace of the FURLA brand, the 1927 Wave handbag exudes traces of the brand’s history inside and outside. The bag features a soft appearance with wavy lines, and the arch logo is embellished with crystal elements, adding touches of elegance and beauty. In time for the Lunar New Year, Furla recently launched gold and red colours, which are surely the most eye-catching colours for New Year gatherings!

Shop 522-523, 5/F

Saint Laurent- Timeless Style

The ever-popular SAINT LAURENT LE 5 À 7 handbag, following the retro underarm bag, the large-capacity bag is equally eye-catching. The smooth leather decorated with the CASSANDRE tab closure shows a simple and elegant feel. Two main compartments and internal zippered pockets make it easy to sort small items, and the shoulder strap length can be adjusted according to the shape. It is the perfect choice for adding a new bag in the new year!

Saint Laurent
Shop 308, 3/F

Brooks Brothers- The story of the 12 Chinese Zodiacs

Brooks Brothers launches a Chinese zodiac capsule collection every year. This year, the brand uses the Year of the Dragon as a theme, showcasing the dragon’s power in traditional Chinese culture. The collection features a selection of T-shirts and hoodies, sweaters, beanies, and scarves infused with cartoon dragon patterns, creating a fun collection that symbolises auspiciousness and good fortune.

Brooks Brothers
Shop 514, 5/F

LEGO- Special Dragon Edition

LEGO has recently launched several new designs with the Year of the Dragon theme to welcome the New Year. Among them, a traditional Chinese-style restaurant, the “Family Reunion Celebration”, features a detailed kitchen, reception area, dining room and bathroom, plus a buildable karaoke machine and a flower shop; the dynamic “Auspicious Dragon” is surrounded by a brick-built rock with crashing waves all around. It is majestic and will add a festive atmosphere to your home after completion!

Shop 902-903C, 9/F

Swarovski- Dragon & Phoenix Collection

The symbolism of dragons and phoenixes is one of the most profound and long-standing cultures in Chinese history. In this Year of the Dragon, Swarovski pays tribute to this culture with the “Dragon & Phoenix” collection of dragons and phoenixes and “Zodiac Dragon” with cute little dragons. The collection includes single accessories such as necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Also, it features the lucky coin to highlight the New Year’s ideas of auspicious blessings.

Shop B208, B2/F

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