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Boost Your Summer With Rituals’ The Ritual Of Karma
Boost Your Summer With Rituals’ The Ritual Of Karma

Wellbeing brand Rituals Cosmetics announces the relaunch of its iconic collection The Ritual of Karma. Enriched with white tea and lotus flower, it features a formulation with a unique Hydra-Boost Complex.

Inspired by the infinite energy of summer, The Ritual of Karma is designed to help radiate positivity by living with good karma and practicing kindness. Because when you act with good intentions, you will slowly discover the boundless power of positive energy. Creating joy, beauty, and sunny vibes wherever life takes you.

With the same beloved fragrance of lotus flower and white tea, The Ritual of Karma introduces the innovative Hydra-Boost complex across most Bath & Body products. The Hydra-Boost complex supports your skin’s moisture level with a hydrating ingredient complex of aloe vera, squalane and algae. This unique complex helps to soothe dehydrated and thirsty skin and brings suppleness and elasticity to your skin.

The Ritual of Karma aims to help you regularly reflect on how you carry yourself in this life, how you treat yourself, others, and the world you live in. Experience the joys of summer all year long and achieve wellbeing for mind, body, and soul thanks to its suitability for all complexions and everyday use.

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