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Walking into La Famille Santa’s Village
Walking into La Famille Santa’s Village

This Christmas, take a walk with La Famille through the winter woods. Visit Santa’s village, dash through the snow with the gingerbread men and ignite the Christmas spirit! Presenting La Famille exclusive chiffon cakes decorated with delight, and the Christmas gifts that are filled with merriment and joy. First on the list is Unwrap Christmas, topped with a piece of chocolate ribbon intertwined into a Christmas tree. Homemade hibiscus and poached pears jam are hidden inside, sweet and sour delight. Golden Ornament, as its name suggests, gold and white ornaments are soundly placed on the snow surface, covering our beloved chocolate chiffon cake and blood orange jam. Starry Night Christmas is the classic to-go cake for Christmas party, a treat for all ages. La Famille also created new looks for this year’s Christmas petit cakes – Santa’s Hat, Christmas in Red & Snow Mountain, cute yet elegant.

La Famille also reveals its first Christmas gift box collections decorated with red and gold. Santa’s Village starts with a carousel top and surrounded by Scandinavian houses at the bottom, the winter scenery is accomplished as the warm lights turns on inside the gift box. The village protects little treasures including the Christmas special edition apple pie flavor chocolate crunches, raspberry crispy pearls and nut rocher chocolate. The beloved chocolate crunches also come with a special edition gift box in rum raisins and apple pie flavors to sweeten up your holiday. To further spread the Christmas spirit, the chocolate bars are redecorated with colorful pretzels and nuts on top. La Famille finishes the collection with their new Christmas Globes, as the red one is filled with chocolate dipped hojicha cookies and chocolate pretzels in the green one. It won’t be Christmas without these lovely and festive gifts to spread the joy.

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