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Time to indulge in the flavoursome Rice Dumplings
Time to indulge in the flavoursome Rice Dumplings

With the Dragon Boat Festival fast approaching, how can we miss the part of enjoying the Dragon Boat Festival together while enjoying the festive season with our family? A paradise of restaurants that bring together international gourmet cuisines and master chefs, a variety of dumplings for the Dragon Boat Festival is ready for everyone. Whether you enjoy a traditional one, or something more innovative, rest assured you can find the Dragon Boat Festival rice dumplings you like and share the festive delicacies with your family.

LUBUDS Food and Beverage Empire, Tradition continues

LUBUDS launched this year’s rice dumplings with a classic taste as the central theme. With premium traditional filling ingredients and master culinary techniques, re-creating the authentic taste of rice dumplings with lotus paste and rice dumplings with Japanese dried scallops and ham, enjoy the classic delicacy with your family during this year’s Dragon Boat Festival. Now available at Yue & Chuan.

Shop 1301, 13/F
Shop 1102, 11/F

Festive Delicacies Melting Pot at Moments Together

Taste Gourmet Group has launched the mouth-watering Shanghai Style Five Fortune Zongzi Gift Set for this year’s Dragon Boat Festival. The 5 special Shanghai rice dumplings include porcini and fresh pork dumplings, traditional fresh pork dumplings, egg yolk and fresh pork dumplings, osmanthus and red bean paste rice dumplings, and red bean paste purple rice dumplings. Be it savoury or sweet, these exquisite Shanghainese rice dumplings definitely can satisfy different tastebuds.

Moments Together Shanghainese Restaurant
Shop 1103, 11/F

Greyhound Café Artisan Rice Dumplings

There’s always a longing for a taste of traditional delicacies during festivals. This Dragon Boat Festival, Greyhound Café launches a collection of rice dumplings with various traditional flavours. They include Pork and Egg Yolk Dumplings, Authentic Pork Rice Dumplings, Rice Dumplings with Sweet Red Beans and Golden Conpoy Double Egg Yolk Parcel Shaped Rice Dumplings etc. There is also the “Deluxe Assorted Rice Dumpling Gift Set” and “Classic Assorted Rice Dumpling Gift Set” for your beloved family and friends.

Greyhound Café
Shop 1104, 11/F

Crystal Jade Hand Made Shanghai-Style Rice Dumpling – An authentic taste of persistency

Crafted by hand, Crystal Jade is offering everyone a Shanghai-style rice dumpling collection this year with 2 special flavours, ‘Abalone and Conpoy with Soy Sauce Stewed Berkshire Pork Rice Dumpling’ and ‘Aged Dried Tangerine Peel with Longan and Japanese Red Bean Paste Rice Dumpling’. The savoury renditions include the salty option with quality Japanese Conpoys, abalones, and Berkshire Pork marinated in secret Shanghaiese sauce. A sweet option is also made from ten-year tangerine peels mixed with Tokachi red beans and longans to delight your taste buds. Each rice dumpling is 100% hand-crafted locally in Hong Kong, an authentic taste of the persistence of Crystal Jade’s master.

Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao
Shop B221A, B2/F

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