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Radiant Bites of the Season
Radiant Bites of the Season

As the hot summer approaches, bidding farewell to the irritability brought on by the heat becomes paramount. What better way to elevate your mood than indulging in appetising and refreshing delicacies? This summer, numerous brands have meticulously curated their own selections of midsummer delights, offering diners an opportunity to immerse themselves fully in the tastes, sights, and aromas of the season. Prepare to embark on a journey of culinary exploration this summer!

Art of Canton – Summer Cold Dishes

Art of Canton, renowned for its fusion of Chinese and Japanese culinary traditions, presents a range of innovative dishes for the summer season. Indulge in the “Chilled Fish Maw · Crystal Jelly,” boasting a translucent and sparkling appearance, offering a uniquely cooling sensation that melts in the mouth. Another standout is the “Cold Yellow Croaker · Chaozhou Style*”, featuring premium caviar and Pu Ning soya beans sauce, delivering an unparalleled umami experience with its silky-smooth texture.

*Order 1 Day in Advance.

Art of Canton
Shop 1001A, 10/F

Greyhound – Thai Summer Alert

Indulge in the summer’s popular go-to, the irresistible flavours of Thai cuisine, with Greyhound’s summer delights. What better way to cool down with Authentic Watermelon? Followed by the tangy and sweet “King Prawn Pomelo and Egg Salad” — finely grilled king prawns served on top of a refreshing pomelo and egg salad, perfectly balanced with sweetness and sourness. It’s sure to be the highlight of your summer dining experience.

Greyhound Café
Shop 1104, 11/F

GREENHOUSE – Taste of Southeast Asia

Beat the summer heat with comfort food from GREENHOUSE, featuring their “Crispy Shrimp Rice Paper Roll” paired with a refreshing Coconut Shake Delight. Experience the harmonious blend of sweet mango, succulent shrimp, crisp cucumber, and zesty lychee sauce, tantalizing your taste buds with each bite. Followed by a glass of coconut ice drink brimming with creamy coconut milk, corn, and grass jelly—let your palette experience an unforgettable tropical indulgence!

Shop 1004, 10/F

Sensu Café – Summer Editions’ Dessert

Sensu Café presents a mouth-watering edition of summer desserts this year, including a series of smoothies inspired by nostalgic and unique Hong Kong-style drinks. Delight in flavours full of reminiscent childhood memories with smoothies like Yuenyeung and Ovaltine, nostalgic street snacks, and crispy egg waffles as creative inspirations. Alternatively, the Italian dessert “Affogato al Caffè” introduces a twist by incorporating tea featuring a choice of rich and steaming espresso, White Peach Oolong or Matcha, combined with Hokkaido 8.0 Milk Soft Ice Cream, creating an exquisite blend of unique Italian and Japanese flavours and texture.

Sensu Café
Shop B224A, B2/F

Banchan & Cook – Korean Taste

For aficionados of Korean cuisine, Banchan & Cook offers a selection of carefully curated delights this summer. Don’t miss the spectacular “Omurice with Beef Rib Stew,” where succulent beef ribs, slow-cooked to perfection, are complemented by a secret sauce and signature aroma, paired with a tender and smooth omelette. Quench your thirst with their Caramel Crunchy Milk Coffee, smooth and silky fresh milk coffee paired with the sweet caramel crunch—irresistible treats for the summer heat!

Banchan & Cook
Shop 922-923, 9/F

Crystal Jade – Refreshing Drink

Combat the sweltering heat with refreshing beverages from Crystal Jade’s summer special menu. Choose from innovative concoctions like the “Bitter Melon with Lychee Special Drink,” the refreshing “Perfume Lemon With Ginseng Jasmine Tea,” or the indulgent “Mango With Jelly Special Drink.” Refresh your palate with the tangy and effervescent “Lime Soda With Dried Sweet Plum,” offering a revitalizing burst of summer flavours in every sip.

Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao
Shop B221A, B2/F

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