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La Famille Sends You Autumn Greetings
La Famille Sends You Autumn Greetings

La Famille unveils two new cakes this autumn – Nagano Purple and Caramel Popcorn, perfect for celebrating the harvest season. Nagano Purple uses the seasonal Nagano Purple Grapes from inside out, and Caramel Popcorn features a fall theme with autumn leaves, creating authentic autumn experience. Both creations also come with petit version, providing alternative for a taste of autumn.

Nagano Purple Chiffon Cake uses Nagano grapes – a hybrid variety, which bears a dark round appearance like Kyoho, yet more refreshing. Being seedless, it is more convenient to eat and the flesh is firmly attached to the skin which can be eaten directly. The cake itself is smoothly covered with Nagano grapes flavoured cream, topped with a pyramid of grapes and blueberry, and decorated with edible flower petals. The inside is layered with Nagano grapes, jam and fresh cream, giving off intense unique fragrance from the inside out.

Caramel Popcorn Chiffon Cake shows off with maple leaves sprinkled with gold fairy dust and embellished with caramel popcorn and cream flowers on the side. The chiffon cake is flavoured with Hokkaido corn, and covered with specially made caramel popcorn fresh cream – by soaking popcorn in Hokkaido cream overnight, gaining that unique popcorn roasted flavour, along with the chocolate cereal crunch lying inside, perfectly simulates caramel popcorn in our chiffon cake.

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