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La Famille Mother’s Day Special
La Famille Mother’s Day Special

Drawing inspiration from ‘Blossoms for Mom’, La Famille has crafted a special limited edition for Mother’s Day – Japanese Peach & Oolong Chiffon Cake. Adorning the top of the cake is an exquisite and elegant rose-shaped white chocolate flake symbolizing profound love and gratitude towards mothers.

Mother’s Day Special – “Blossoms for Mom” Japanese Peach & Oolong

The cake is adorned with a delicate rose-shaped white chocolate flake; and a layer of white peach and red raspberry jam underneath, offering a delightful blend of sweet and sour flavours, filled with alluring fruity aromas. The oolong tea chiffon cake is paired with a layer of oolong tea custard cream, boasting a fascinating tea fragrance with a pleasantly bittersweet aftertaste. Additionally, the filling includes tender and juicy Japanese white peach flesh, enhancing freshness and sweetness taste of the cake. The perfect match of oolong tea and peach creates a harmonious blend of tea and fruit, brings you an unforgettable experience.

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