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Gather around and share our curated list of festive mooncakes
Gather around and share our curated list of festive mooncakes

The Mid-Autumn Festival is around the corner, time to source the best mooncake for your family and friends, sending them love and blessings. For Mid-Autumn Festival in 2023, brands have successively launched exquisite mooncake gift boxes. In addition to traditional tastes, there are also mooncakes with meticulous, innovative elements:  from packaging design to ingredient combination. Tasteful and decent, these gifts are best for sharing this happy time of the year.

Tea WG- Perfect Match

A sip of tea with mooncakes is the perfect match. Luxury tea-brand Tea WG launched the “Immortal Moon Tea Mooncake Collection” this year, infusing the signature tea into each mooncake.  For example, the ‘Blossom’ is a mooncake encased in a sumptuous baked crust infused with Bain de Roses Tea boasts a rich, smooth white lotus paste, filling with layers of harmony of fruits and flower aroma. Uplift the festivities with Tea WG’s recommended selection of tea blends perfect for mooncake pairing, including Emperor Pu-erh and Silver Moon Tea. Indulge in the aroma-rich beautiful moment with your family, and add happiness to the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Tea WG
Shop B240, B2/F

Shine Bright and Be Elegant with Lady M

The annual mooncake gift boxes launched by Lady M are full of surprises. This year, the “Moonglow Mooncake Gift Box”, a unique round arched packaging box, is designed to easily transform into a jewellery box. An elegant gift box with 6 pieces of mooncakes in 3 flavours, including Yuzu Milk Custard, Pandan Matcha Custard and Lychee Rose Custard etc., bringing you freshness and traditional taste, making it the best choice for festive gifts.

Lady M
Shop 3/F Kiosk, 3/F

agnès b. CAFÉ- Dancing in the moonlight

This year, agnès b. CAFÉ presents mooncakes in 3 flavours, including Eggcustard, Chocolate custardand Yoghurt custard with strawberry, made with a fine selection of egg yolks and top-grade fresh milk; every bite is full of rich custard aroma. The gorgeous orange gift box dotted with shimmering stars contain all the loving sentiments behind the warm festival. Complementing the gift box is a starlight projector torch. Turn the cap to reveal the brand’s signature patterns for a dash of French romance over the holidays! The collection also introduces organic rose Darjeeling tea; its delicate fruity aromas balance the sweetness of mooncake and elevate the buttery notes. Share it with your family this Mid-Autumn Festival while being mesmerised by the beautiful full moon. 

agnès b. CAFÉ
Shop 6/F Kiosk, 6/F

Moments Together- Traditional with a modern twist

The mooncakes are displayed in a beautiful high-quality box befitting of the quality of the sweets inside, with rich, indulgent flavours including Molten Lava Egg Custard, Egg Yolk & White Lotus Paste and New Zealand Manuka Honey Egg Custard. Besides featuring a chic monogram-style design reminiscent of beloved French fashion houses, the sturdy two-level champagne and elegant rosy color box also has 6 individual compartments, each with its own gold liner to hold the delicate treasures in place whether they are transported over short or long distances, the mooncakes will stay in place and arrive as beautiful as the day they were baked.

Moments Together
Shop 1103, 11/F

Häagen-Dazs- French Grandeur

Inspired by the traditional French Toile de Jouy print design, Häagen-Dazs takes “A Taste of Moon Paradise” as the theme of this year’s mooncake gift boxes for 12 carefully crafted ice cream mooncakes, bringing the “ Deluxe Series” gift boxes. The crispy chocolate outer layer is filled with different flavours such as pistachio,  Japanese cherry blossom bean paste, and other hero flavours. Isn’t this the most mouth-watering perfect match?

Shop 7/F Kiosk, 7/F

city’super- Mooncake Curation

This year, on top of mooncakes from popular brands like Shangri-La and Lei Garden, city‘super also launched its own traditional white lotus seed paste and salted egg yolks mooncake gift box. The beautiful wooden gift boxes are adorned with bright, festive patterns and are perfect for gifting. Another popular option is a must-love for durian lovers, the “Dking Musang King Durian Snowy Mooncake” is handmade with a filling made from 100% pure Musang King durian purée. It is the best gift choice for durian lovers!

Shop B1, B1/F

A-1 Bakery- A taste of Japan

Managed by a team of Japanese chefs, this year, A-1 Bakery’s Ice-cream Mooncake Moonlight Harmony Gift Box has three flavours including Japanese Melon & Yogurt Ice-cream, Uji Matcha & Yuzu Ice-cream, and Hokkaido Milk & Strawberry Ice-cream. Something different from the traditional ones, it offers an innovative twist of cool and refreshing new taste mooncakes. A chocolate plaque featuring a moon rabbit, a symbol of the Mid-Autumn Festival is placed on the mooncake. Indulge in the visual and taste impact with a Japanese touch.

La Création
Shop B242, B2/F

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