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Chuan is crowned the first HK Global Signature Restaurant
Chuan is crowned the first HK Global Signature Restaurant

Since Sichuan cuisine was introduced to Hong Kong years ago, it has become an unstoppable force in the local culinary scene. Chuan is honored to be the eighth globally, third in Asia-Pacific, and first in Hong Kong to be named a “Global Signature Restaurant” in Hong Kong. 

Jointly led by two veteran chefs in Sichuan cuisine: Chef Lee Chi Kwong and Chef Leung Yip Yuen, Chuan prides itself on using premium local ingredients & spices from Sichuan to create authentic regional flavors. 

The Chuan team is deeply honoured and encouraged by the recognition of its culinary prowess. Chuan will continue to strive for culinary excellence and showcase the best of Sichuan cuisine. 

Chuan’s signature dishes: 

– Sauteed Diced Chicken with Spicy Red Chilli

– Sichuan Style Stewed Mandarin Fish

– Sichuan Style Stewed OX Tongue

– Sichuan Style Lobster & Bean Curd

– Fried Prawn with Pepper in Casserole

– Sichuan Style Hotpot

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