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agnès b. CAFÉ Christmas Collection 2023
agnès b. CAFÉ Christmas Collection 2023

As the momentous day of celebration approaches, it’s time for a splendid array of Christmas delicacies and festive decorations. agnès b. DÉLICES presents an exquisite selection of French Christmas treats and confectionaries, gift sets and hampers, adorned with packaging inspired by vibrant confetti for you to create cherished memories with your loved ones. Let your taste buds embark on a joyful Christmas journey and a majestic grandeur into the occasion.

French Treats and Confectionaries with Christmas Ornaments for a Magical Dining Experience

The Christmas Star Ornament gift box from agnès b. DÉLICES is meticulously handcrafted by fourth-generation French pâtisserie artisans and offers two delectable flavours. The Chocolate Nougat, also known as one of the thirteen traditional desserts of Christmas in Provence, Southern France, combines layered flavours of Provencal honey, almonds, and orange peel, for a gooey texture with a rich aroma of nuts and cocoa. On the other hand, traditional Fleur de Sel Caramels features caramel paired with the finest French sea salt, which translates to the “flower of salt”, that elevates the palate with delicate savouriness. The Snowflake Ornament gift box offers two flavour options as well. The Milk & Dark Hazelnut Dragées are made with caramelised hazelnuts for an extra crunch, and are enveloped in a chocolate shell for a harmonious blend of cocoa bitter-sweetness and the nutty fragrance. The Milk Chocolate with Candied Lemon Peels seeks a magical balance between a gentle chew and crunchiness, as well as the tangy flavour of the candied citrus and the richness of the chocolate, creating complex layers of flavour and texture. Both gift boxes can also be used as ornaments and decorations to enhance your household’s festive ambience.

The Christmas Rabbit Musical Tin is a brand-new design to the collection, featuring two delightful flavours to savour: Raspberry Oat Crunch offers a refreshing and tangy sweetness, perfect for those seeking a healthier treat; whilst Chocolate Oat Crunch delights with its bittersweet and aromatic profile, leaving a crisp texture that is simply irresistible. The gift box is adorned with charming bunny motifs, and a party hat design inspired by Christmas trees that adds a playful touch to the elegant packaging. Musical Tin also presents two confectionary options to celebrate the jolly season: Dark Chocolate with Cranberries, Pumpkin Seeds & Nuts offers a pleasurable blend of acidity, sweetness, and crunchiness; whilst Gingerbread Cookies are known for their potent ginger flavour and crunchy texture, which are not only adorable but also a traditional Christmas treat that will bring festive joy to children. Simply twist the turntable at the bottom of the tin box, and the enchanting melodies of Christmas will fill the air, making it a cherished keepsake for everyone.

Vibrant Chocolate Gift Boxes with Diverse Flavours

The French Chocolate Truffles Gift Box presents an exquisite assortment of confections beautifully arranged and packaged with vibrant designs. It contains four distinctive varieties: Lemon Puree Ganache, Croquant Praline, Sea Salted Caramel, and Crunchy Praline. As a new addition to the set, the Lemon Puree Ganache owns a silky smooth texture which is refreshingly paired with an adorable yellow hue. The Croquant Praline is also among the debut flavour, with multiple layers of texture to create a unique sensory experience. Encased in a verdant green exterior, the gift box offers an enriching visual composition for the perfect Christmas gift.

The Assorted Bonbons Gift Box offers 15 pieces of chocolates with flavours of your choice. This year sees the debut of three innovative varieties, including Lemon Curd Dark Chocolate, Caramel Dark Chocolate, and 73% Dark Chocolate Ganache. In addition, agnès b. DÉLICES Sunveils the Assorted Soft Center Chocolate Gift Box which contains 12 chocolates with smooth ganache encased with delicate chocolate exteriors, accompanied by an elegant arrangement of dried fruits and nuts for a richly layered flavour experience.

Delightful Christmas Party Gift with Whimsical Designs

Are you feeling daunted by the task of curating a variety of delectable party treats to satisfy the diverse palates of guests at your Christmas gathering? Look no further than the Classic French Treats, where a cornucopia of chocolate delights awaits to cater to every individual taste. Indulge in an array of exquisite flavours, including Hazelnuts and Golden Raisins with Golden White Chocolate, Pistachio and Cherry Dark Chocolate, Candied Chestnut, Canelé in Milk Chocolate Ganache with Hazelnut Spread and Dark Chocolate Ganache with Caramelised Butter Christmas Cracker with Chocolate Papillotes is a quintessential dessert on the French Christmas table that harks back to 18th-century Lyon. Wrapped in alluringly vibrant paper and concealing heartfelt notes within, this delightful treat offers six assorted flavours, harmonising different degrees of cocoa intensity with various tantalising nuts and dried black currants, presenting an enticing medley of enchanting palates.

Additionally, indulge in the luscious flavours of Raspberry & Caramel Chocolate and Blueberry & Caramel Chocolate from the Chocolate Pop in Glass Jar, or the whimsical treat of Cookie Lollipop in classic snowman and Santa Claus shapes, adorned with vibrant and colourful paper wrapping that radiates a jubilant Christmas ambience. Enjoy the comforting warmth from the Giant Gingerbread Cookie crafted with a medley of ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg or the Winter Spice Black Tea meticulously blended for the frosty winter days. Combined with the robustness of Ceylon black tea with the sweetness of apple, candied pineapple, and the warm undertones of cinnamon and other spices, this beverage is a perfect companion to complement any Christmas dessert.

Exquisite Hampers with Christmas Confectionaries and Fine Wine Parcelled in Festive Wooden Crates

Curated with passion and love, agnès b. CAFÉ presents an elegant selection of four Christmas hampers, ensuring you’re well-prepared for the festive season’s soirées and intimate family gatherings. These thoughtfully crafted offerings also make for the perfect tokens of gratitude for your esteemed business partners, acknowledging their invaluable support and collaboration throughout the past year. Each hamper features an assortment of Christmas treats and confectionaries, such as Musical Tin with Gingerbread Cookies, Christmas Star Ornament with Chocolate Nougat, Assorted Chocolate Truffles and Assorted Bonbons. Elevating the gifting experience, the advanced hampers are complemented by a selection of fine French wines elegantly presented in reusable wooden crates, radiating an air of refined sophistication. These wooden crates can be repurposed as captivating indoor embellishments, championing the brand’s commitment to sustainability.

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