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Wish list full of dreamy boots luxury brands for AW 2022
Wish list full of dreamy boots luxury brands for AW 2022

Leather boots are perfect as we step into autumn and winter! All major brands have launched boots in different styles for this season. Whether it’s practical or a bit of challenging, there is something for every woman, and they can easily style it differently for various occasions. Time to filter down to your target and inject a uniqueness for this season!

GIVENCHY Showcasing the aesthetics of lines

Combining sensibility and Grunge Style, GIVENCHY has created a three-dimensional and luxurious collection for this Autumn and Winter season of 2022. It integrates the simple yet refined feminine silhouette into Thigh Boots’ design, complimenting and thoroughly showing the slenderness of the legs. Extremism is the concept for the Shark Lock Boots, embellished with lock, giving the simple boots a unique luxury aesthetics.

Shop 310-311, 3/F

Salvatore Ferragamo Classic and Innovation

For this Autumn and Winter season, Salvatore Ferragamo takes a direction towards creating an androgynous style, infusing leisure with delicate leather craftsmanship. The Zip Up boots in the collection are predominantly crafted from soft leather, with an internal lining in lamb shearling has a central zip and visible stitching that adds to the texture. In addition, the Varina Winter Ankle Boots features the iconic Vara bow, this suede bootie is enriched with a contrasting merino wool lining for a cozy-chic winter look.

Salvatore Ferragamo
Shop G124-G125, GF

LOEWE Fantasia

For this autumn and winter at LOEWE, creative director Jonathan Anderson takes you through fantasy land. Besides taking inspiration from balloons, the design of the boots is also outstanding. The brand’s hero handbag, Flamenco, has its casual vibe transformed through the creation of the boots into another form. The rope reflects the effortless wrinkle feeling, an extension of the uniqueness of the Flamenco handbag.

Shop 305-306A, 3/F

DIOR New Era

‘The Next Era’, Dior’s theme for the Autumn Winter 2022 collection, uses futuristic lines and retro-inspired details that intertwine the old and new. The D-Motion heeled ankle boot features a hybrid design, joining the elegance of a Chelsea boot with elements borrowed from sportswear. Crafted in black supple calfskin, combines functionality with elegance, balancing comfort and extravagance. An androgynous and stylish “D-Racer” combines the all-white Chelsea Boots and the thick signature EVA sole, lending the finishing touch to the season’s casual outfits.

Shop 214-215, 2F

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