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Swarovski Created Diamonds launches New ‘Galaxy’ Collection
Swarovski Created Diamonds launches New ‘Galaxy’ Collection

Following a successful roll-out of its debut Swarovski Created Diamonds collections in the US and Canada, the Austrian jewelry house ventures further into the fine jewelry category with a galactically inspired new collection designed by Global Creative Director Giovanna Engelbert. Entitled ‘Galaxy’, the luxurious collection showcases Swarovski’s unparalleled mastery of light and takes its inspiration from the birth of the cosmos, the wonders of faraway galaxies, and the boundless energy of space.

The 19-piece range includes necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets in a dazzling array of diamond cuts, each certified by the International Gemological Institute (IGI) and expertly crafted to capture and transform the light, sparking a sense of wonder.

The designs feature either a brilliant cut laboratory grown diamond solitaire surrounded by an explosion of finely cut stones; or a cluster of cascading stones in an array of mixed fancy cuts which create the illusion of floating diamonds.

Giovanna Engelbert commented: “The confluence of diamonds, Swarovski’s heritage, and my creative vision has culminated in a collection that embraces the birth of new dimensions for the universe of Swarovski. The endeavor of meticulously creating diamonds to reflect light in mesmerizing ways was remarkable, and what truly excites me is the accessibility to this beauty, thereby elevating the possibilities of customers’ creativity in their self-expression.”

Swarovski Created Diamonds are 100% identical to mined diamonds – the only difference is how they originate. Just like mined diamonds the laboratory grown diamonds in the ‘Galaxy’ Collection are graded and certified by IGI according to the 4Cs of diamond quality: color, clarity, cut and carat weight. The collection is created with 100% renewable energy and recycled gold.

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