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Qeelin miniatures bring smiles this holiday season - Meet the sparkling Bo Bo Gang
Qeelin miniatures bring smiles this holiday season - Meet the sparkling Bo Bo Gang

Qeelin fine jewellery is known for its exquisite craftsmanship and unique designs, as well as an inherent sense of joy and playfulness, which is abundantly expressed in the new Bo Bo Gang Collection. The collection of adorable, miniature pieces, which recall cherished childhood memories and mark life’s precious moments, are beautifully crafted as shimmering symbols of happiness and lifelong companions to collect and gift.

Five New Charming Characters

Created by Qeelin Founder and Creative Director, Dennis Chan, the Bo Bo Collection unites the body of the teddy bear – a favourite childhood toy associated in the west – with the head the of a panda – symbolic of the east – to poetically merge two cultures in one fairytale.

The name “Bo Bo”, which sounds like “bao” in Chinese and means “precious” symbolises both the rarity of pandas and the diamonds that adorn each Bo Bo character.

For the new Bo Bo Gang Collection, Qeelin introduces five characters to bring joy to the wearer: Ski Bo Bo dressed in sportswear; Ballet Bo Bo who wears a crown; Mermaid Bo Bo symbolic of romance and innocence; Hip Bo Bo which expresses peace and love; and Balloon Bo Bo, holding a balloon to lift the wearer closer to their dreams.

Bo Bo Gang is made of 18K white gold and 18K rose gold, decorated with diamonds, black diamonds or mother-of-pearl, each piece glittering with every movement the wearer makes. Qeelin again demonstrates its jewellery-making expertise with this collection, working on pieces that are so tiny yet boast such breathtaking details. The result is a highly collectable collection that pays tribute to beauty and modernity.

Vibrant and Sparkling Bo Bo Fairy

The shimmering Bo Bo Fairy embodies the quintessence of Qeelin’s superlative craftsmanship and boundless creativity. Inlaid with more than 500 diamonds and pink sapphires, the little fairy sports two sets of wings: butterfly wings made of diamonds and rose gold, and angel wings carved from mother-of-pearl that are interchangeable thanks to a clever mechanism hidden within her body.

The happy-go-lucky Bo Bo Fairy personifies light-hearted playfulness and brings Qeelin’s endearing charm to the wearer and those who admire her.

Bo Bo Gang is curated to bring on wonderful imaginations, recalling sweet childhood memories that will warm our hearts even as time flies. The collection embodies Qeelin’s vision to explore the bond between people and jewellery – not just a gift, but a token of friendship, blessing and love to endow to your loved ones.

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