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Qeelin Introduces New Yu Yi Collection
Qeelin Introduces New Yu Yi Collection

Fine jewellery brand Qeelin proudly launches daring additions to the elegant Yu Yi collection. The exquisite wearable art is imbued with life’s sacred hopes and dreams. Courage to pursue the heart’s desires is captured as a dazzling symbol of luck, to unlock the possibilities of inner joy and limitless excitement. Together with the new Yu Yi collection, Qeelin encourages every independent soul to face the world with a deeper recognition of one’s inner essence and let wonders happen.

Boasting outstanding craftsmanship, the new creations are akin to a time traveller leaping between past and present to facilitate a dialogue between today’s jewellery trends and ancient treasures. The contemporary interpretation of traditional “ruyi” cleverly merges historic symbols from the East with bewitching Western locking system: the result is a perfect unity of form and function. The design of the latest additions features simplified outer contour lines for an overall concise and contemporary shape—one that may even be avant-garde. It leaves an impression of borderless finesse: an up-to-the-minute expression of modern jewellery cadence.

Unique materials make up the six sets of the newly launched Yu Yi collection: all rare and natural gemstones. Resplendent emerald jadeite; tranquil and restrained black jadeite; mysteriously noble lavender jadeite; fiery and passionate red agate; and deeply charismatic black and white mother-of-pearl all correspond to profound interpretations of hope, dignity, auspiciousness, courage, wisdom and harmony. Each gem is designed as a loyal guardian keeping promises and enlighten the wearer’s inner self.

In keeping with the trend of layering and stacking jewellery pieces to underscore personal expression, the new Yu Yi collection necklaces feature the bold cable chains in 18K gold which can be easily adjusted in accordance with the outfits. The Yu Yi charm is available in three sizes and the black mother-of-pearl charm is complemented by matching bracelet and earrings; together, they harmonise for an eye-catching overall appeal. At the same time, all the charms can be mixed and matched to bring extraordinary creativity to life while showcasing individual style and preferences.

The striking personality of Qeelin global brand ambassador Lay Zhang is highlighted by his stacking of the daring Yu Yi choker with Yu Yi necklace in black jadeite. In contrast, Qeelin brand ambassador Yoona Lim sports a layered trio of necklaces to demonstrate a fresh ingénue charm that enhances her natural loveliness. Together, the duo epitomises the concept of freedom to follow one’s own true path as their life philosophies. They further pair the special Yu Yi 520 collection. Its bewitching diamonds and red HyCeram® bespoke ceramics intertwine for a captivating crimson light to surround necks and wrists. The Yu Yi 520 collection makes a wonderful gift of love to unlock sincere blessings for those nearest and dearest.

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