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Montblanc Celebrates Chinese New Year
Montblanc Celebrates Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is a time for joy and togetherness for family and friends, a celebration steeped in centuries-old traditions that symbolize the promise of new beginnings, prosperity and good health. To mark the beginning of The Year of the Dragon, Montblanc presents a special assortment of gifts that blends the heritage of fine craftsmanship with contemporary design. Functional yet sentimental, each piece is intended to inspire their recipient to leave their own indelible mark and embrace the upcoming year with their Montblanc companions in tow.

Writing Instruments: Meisterstück Red Hour Doué Classique Special Edition

The Meisterstück Red Hour Doué Classique Special Edition artfully pays homage to some of the most revered Chinese symbols of luck, both in fountain pen and rollerball form. The writing instrument’s gold-coated cap is engraved with depictions of Chinese knotting, an exquisite form of handcraftsmanship that originated as folk art as early as the Warring States period and which continues to be used as decoration during key festivities as symbol of good wishes. Set on the cap is also an engraving of the koi carp, another well-known and preserved symbol of good fortune originating in traditional Chinese culture. In addition to the Montblanc emblem, the cap top is adorned with a 1,5mm ruby – its red color long serving as the primary color of Chinese New Year celebrations thanks to its connotation of good fortune.

This lucky hue continues onto the writing instrument’s barrel, which is coated in a translucent red lacquer with an engraved hexagon pattern. The solid Au750 gold nib is embossed with rhodium-coated auspicious clouds, a Chinese cultural symbol deeply ingrained with notions of luck, joy, and happiness. During ancient times in China, people would paint this pattern of clouds on clothes and jade pendants and give them to their loved ones in the hopes that the good luck would always accompany them in their daily lives. In similar spirit, the Meisterstück Red Hour Doué Classique Special Edition makes for a thoughtful a gift of enduring inspiration, ready to accompany its recipient through the upcoming year and all it has in store.

Leather Goods: Montblanc Meisterstück Burgundy Sfumato Capsule

The auspicious color of red also carries over to the selection of Montblanc leather goods.  With its brilliant soft leather and elevated design cues inspired by the art of writing, the latest Montblanc Meisterstück leather capsule introduces a warm burgundy colorthat has been adorned with a hand-applied sfumato effect, gradually transitioning from darker to lighter tones, akin to ink diffusing into paper. The Meisterstück Document Case makes for an elegant yet functional companion for travel, while the contemporary Meisterstück Messenger Bag offers a reimagined take on a classic design. Other ready-to-gift pieces from the Meisterstück burgundy colorsfumato capsule include the Montblanc 149 Bag, suitable for overnight trips, as well as the Meisterstück wallet (6cc) and the Meisterstück card holder (6cc).

Watches: Montblanc 1858 Geosphere 0 Oxygen South Pole Exploration Limited Edition 1990

Crafted in a limitation of 1990 pieces, the Montblanc 1858 Geosphere 0 Oxygen South Pole Exploration draws inspiration from the fearless explorations of the Antarctic continent and provides a fitting gift for those looking to follow in these footsteps, be that in action or in spirit.  

Housed in an ultralight 42mm titanium case devoid of oxygen, the watch’s zero oxygen technology helps eliminates fogging and prevents oxidization, ensuring unparalleled durability and allowing the movement to work with continued precision over time. The watch’s limitation pays homage to Montblanc Mark Maker Reinhold Messner, who, in 1990, etched his name in history by becoming the first person to cross Antarctica on foot without animal or motorized support, alongside explorer Arved Fuchs. The caseback features a 3D-engraved vista, capturing the beauty of the South Pole and the ethereal Aurora Australis. Meanwhile the iced blue dial with its sfumato effect evokes the hazy view of the horizon from the mountaintop. The watch is finished with a matching iced blue bi-directional anodized aluminium bezel and comes with an interchangeable tapered titanium bracelet and a grey rope-pattern textile strap inspired by the world of mountaineering.

With elegance and style, Montblanc celebrates another happy and prosperous Chinese New Year.

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