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Fall-Winter 2023-24 ANTEPRIMA WIREBAG Collection
Fall-Winter 2023-24 ANTEPRIMA WIREBAG Collection

“Hope is being able to find there is light despite all of the darkness.” Celebrating ANTEPRIMA’s 30th Anniversary and taking a step forward into a new era, the brand combines the FW23-24 seasonal theme “Glow in the Dark” with one of ANTEPRIMA’s fundamental philosophies – “LOVE,” to present the versatile 30TH ANNIVERSARY WIREBAG Collection. This collection is a creative twist on the brand’s best-selling WIREBAG, STANDARD MINIATURA, showcasing the adaptability of contemporary ANTEPRIMA women who can be casual, elegant, artsy, or playful.

Exquisitely paired with a refined pearl chain and a “LOVE” neon light, this special 30th anniversary edition of the WIREBAG Collection demonstrates that with a little twist, everything can be different.

To express this idea, Izumi personally handwrote the word “LOVE” and incorporated it as a hidden pattern in some of the print designs of the FW23 collection. This act of integrating “LOVE” into the collection’s design signifies that love is not just an abstract concept but can be found and cherished in the details and intricacies of life.

The use of neon lights in the collection, symbolizing glowing in the dark, further reinforces the idea of finding light in the midst of darkness. In this context, Izumi’s handwritten “LOVE” was also adapted into a “LOVE” neon light design. This adaptation carries a powerful message, suggesting that ANTEPRIMA seeks to discover the true essence and value of “LOVE,” and in doing so, find its own guiding light for the future. It represents the pursuit of love in the smallest details, the ability to find light even in the darkest times, and the aspiration to discover the genuine essence of “LOVE” and use it as a beacon of hope for the brand’s journey ahead.

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