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EVISU Flaunts Idiosyncratic Individualism with Spring/Summer Looks
EVISU Flaunts Idiosyncratic Individualism with Spring/Summer Looks

Japanese premium denim brand EVISU steps up its journey into the cultural heritage of Japan with unconventional codes combining traditional Japanese spirit and contemporary streetwear. For this season, the house proposes an eclectic wardrobe for fashion mavericks to style their own statement looks.

SS2024 Collection Highlights

Multiple Badges Deconstructed Loose Fit Denim

This denim vest is designed with a theme of washed and distressed effects, featuring intentional destruction on the fabric. It is adorned with multiple EVISU branding elements, including logos, slogans, Godhead and Kamon, all with frayed edges. The vest is completed with seagull print zipper pockets, showcasing a unique and distinctive fashion style.

Multi-Pocket And Multi-Print Cropped-Fit Jeans #2027

These jeans feature a washed and distressed effect, giving them a unique sense of fashion. The back of the pants is designed with multiple pockets, and these pockets are embellished with different colors and effects of Seagulls, Godhead, and logos, adding personality and style to the pants.

Seagull Embroidery Detachable 2-in-1 Fashion Fit Denim Jacket

The jacket is composed of two parts: the sleeve attachment that extends from the neck to the arms, and the vest with wide shoulder straps. The sleeve attachment showcases a frayed edge design, exuding a punk and rebellious vibe. Additionally, there are shoulder strap loops on the shoulders, allowing for the secure positioning of the vest, demonstrating thoughtfulness. The vest, designed with wide shoulder straps, is not only fashionable but also comfortable to wear. It is adorned with two 3D seagull embroidered pockets.

Seagull Embroidery Detachable Cutout Fashion Fit Jeans

These jeans feature a black washed effect that complements the jackets in the same collection. The jeans are equipped with side straps, allowing for the removal of the leg covers with the fringed edges, transforming them into shorts and providing a cool and comfortable option. Additionally, this design helps to enhance the proportion and flatter an uneven body shape, achieving a dual-purpose garment. The back pockets are made with dark denim fabric and embellished with 3D embroidered Seagulls, creating a contrasting visual effect. Furthermore, these jeans incorporate the trendy and edgy style with lace-up details on the thighs, accentuating a sexy and well-proportioned look.

Tie-Dye Kamon and Seagull Print Regular Fit Shirt Jacket

This denim shirt is inspired by workwear and military style, and it features a tie-dye design. The shirt is adorned with various forms of Kamon and Seagull prints. Additionally, it is embroidered with the brand’s newly created seagull woven label and EVISU logo, adding unique and eye-catching elements to the overall look. This shirt showcases a distinct style interpretation.

Tie-Dye Kamon and Seagull Print Fashion Fit Cargo Jeans

Inspired by workwear and military style, EVISU brings you a unique dressing experience with these cargo jeans. The multiple-pocket design adds practicality and functionality. The jeans are crafted using the tie-dye technique, showcasing distinctive patterns and color effects. The intricate details of multiple Kamon and seagull prints on the jeans, along with the brand’s exclusive seagull woven label and logo embroidery, exemplify the high quality and exquisite craftsmanship.

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