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ASHWORTH Spring/Summer 2024 Collection
ASHWORTH Spring/Summer 2024 Collection

ASHWORTH excels in the performance of golf appeal, introducing the innovative CITY GOLF collection this season. By incorporating Japanese fabrics and transforming materials and designs, the collection offers three-dimensional cuts and sleek color combinations, making it suitable for casual and trendy fashion choices. Even when you stay indoors or go outdoors, CITY GOLF exudes refinement and comfort to the fullest.

The men’s clothing features a slim fit cut that suits the Asian physique, revealing an effortless statement of style. The women’s clothing exudes elegance with its fitted or cropped silhouettes, taking sophisticated elegance to a new level. You can step out of the office and onto the golf course anytime with ASHWORTH outfits! The high-performance and extremely comfortable City Golf apparel series enters everyday life this spring and summer.

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