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Enjoy Home Spa
Enjoy Home Spa

Indulge in spa treatments from home with Lane Crawford, AMOREPACIFIC and Rituals.

Lane Crawford (G/F)

Angela Caglia introduces the world’s first crystal LED face mask, delivering clinically-proven high-performance anti-aging results for your skin. With the use of 180 RED/NIR LED lights, this product excels in reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and redness. Featuring real rose quartz crystals, this mask rejuvenates skin appearance while increasing collagen and elastin production.

AMOREPACIFIC (Shop 408, 4/F)

Rejuvenate your skin at home with AMOREPACIFIC’s TIME RESPONSE Intensive Renewal Ampoule. It offers powerful three-dimensional anti-aging effects from start to finish when AbsoluTea™, the essence of vitality born from green tea, meets pure EGCG Renewal Powder obtained from green tea. After four weeks of the special skin-altering program, your skin will be newly born – youthful and beautiful with perfect volume and texture.

Rituals (Shop B221B, B2/F)

Enjoy home massage with Rituals. Ritual of Jing massage candle contains essential nourishing and moisturizing oils, that help soothe the skin and enhance the quality of sleep.

How to use
Light the candle for 15-20 minutes to melt enough oil. Blow out the candle and wait for the oil to cool down, 2 minutes should be enough. The oil, now delightfully warm to the touch, is now ready to use for your massage.

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