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Your Go-To Summer Skincare Secrets
Your Go-To Summer Skincare Secrets

As the temperature rise, let’s keep our skin game equally cool and refreshed. Perfecting your summer skincare routine is all about hitting that sweet spot – keeping your skin fresh, hydrated under the sizzling sun, and shielded from those sneaky UV rays. Ever notice how the summer heat turns your skin into a mini oil factory? Hydration is key (drink up like there’s no tomorrow), but proper cleansing? Absolutely non-negotiable. Basics done right – moisturizing and SPF – are your skin’s BFFs for an eternal summer glow.

RITUALS- Refreshing Summer

The Ritual of Karma is the brand’s summer’s relaunch – a refreshing concoction with white tea and lotus, ready to hydrate and enliven your senses all season long. The collection introduces the innovative Hydra-Boost complex across most Bath & Body products , with a hydrating ingredient complex of aloe vera, squalane and algae. Creating joy and sunny vibes through its supple, refreshing texture and aromatic scent.

Shop B221B, B2/F

Guerlain- Abeille Royale Clarify & Repair Ritual

Guerlain activates the skin-bright rituals with the New Abeille Royale Double Clarify & Repair Essence and Crème. This duo combines the power of white honey and vitamin C, which helps reduce the melanin production at the origin of dark spots while enhancing skin clarity and plasticity to durably restore the skin’s youthful radiance.

Shop B203A, B2/F

L’Occitane- Skin Saviour

Choppy summer weather? No sweat. L’Occitane’s essence is here to calm and renew your skin, defending it from whatever the day throws at you. The brand’s iconic Immortelle Reset Serum can adjust the skin’s unstable state. The ingredients in the Immortelle Reset formula helps protect the skin from external environmental damage, it also soothes the skin from redness and tightness and boosts its recovery, allowing the skin to regain its original lustre gradually.

Shop B204, B2/F

mtm labo- Hydration Hero

Properly moisturising and nourishing the skin will build a resilience base, moisture building and skin repair, the 2 custom-blended essence launched by mtm labo are your hero. The Moisture Building is empowered by marine collagen, hydrolysed elastin and restorative essences from multiple plant extracts including scutellaria baicalensis root and pinus pinaster bark, penetrates the dermis to repair, restore and rejuvenate aging and damaged cells, restoring the skin’s dewiness. The Skin Repair integrates sodium hyaluronate and over 10 potent plant extracts including nasturtium officinale, sage leaf, and morus alba root extract, effectively reinforce the barriers retaining skin moisture and resisting oxidation, preparing your skin against all kinds of summer skin problems.

mtm labo
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POLA- Say no to Melanin

Preventing the formation of melanin is the “important task” of protecting your skin in summer. POLA’s WHITE SHOT Facial Serum can effectively prevent the production of melanin. The innovative newly discovered unique ingredients contained in it can prevent melanin from falling into the dermis and prevent spots and freckles. At the same time, it relieves the burning sensation after sun exposure and keeps the skin soft and radiant.

Shop B205, B2/F

SABON- Cleansing and Nourishing

SABON’s legendary body scrub is like a mineral-rich sea dive for your skin – exfoliating and hydrating for that all-over summer skin win. Combining mineral-rich Dead Sea salts and organic botanical oils, the product has charmed the world since its launch in 1997. Exfoliation is the key to removing dead skin cells, restoring a clean and refreshed appearance and promoting healthier and more vibrant skin by allowing it to naturally renew itself; it also primes the skin, creating an ideal canvas for moisturizers to deeply penetrate and work their magic.

Shop B211A, B2/F

WULT- Light summer makeup

Local brand WULT (Woke Up Like This)’s mineral sunscreen powder in a lovely tone of the smooth, soft sand at Malibu beach is a gift for summer. Its light and matte texture can absorb excess oil on the face and instantly give your skin a refreshing feeling in summer. This SPF Sprinkles blends seamlessly into the skin for an instant brightening and is formulated with hydration-boosting Hyaluronic Acid that counters skin dullness. A perfect option for touching up makeup this summer.

Woke Up Like This
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