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Winter Beauty Hacks for Hydrated Skin
Winter Beauty Hacks for Hydrated Skin

As winter comes, the skin’s moisture and oil secretion decrease during the seasonal transition. Skin problems such as dehydration, flaky skin, fine lines, allergic itching, etc., are most likely to occur. Only by knowing how to choose suitable skin care products can you protect your skin during winter! To keep your skin in its best condition, the most important thing is to strengthen the products and procedures for skin care. Remember that frequent hydration and good living habits are important keys to keeping your skin moisturised and plump!

CHANEL- Night-time Repairing

CHANEL’s “SUBLIMAGE L’Extrait de Nuit” developed with a new formula containing vanilla from Madagascar, targeting ageing problems and the skin’s circadian rhythm. Use it every night to maintain the skin’s repair and regeneration cycle and improve your skin every day, thereby achieving the effect of deep skin repair. You’ll be waking up with hydrated, plump and soft skin.

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L’Occitane- Rejuvenate Radiating Skin

Extracted from natural organic helichrysum grown in France, L’Occitane’s flagship product, Immortelle Overnight Reset Oil-In-Serum is known for its remarkable repairing effect. The ingredients soothe, reactivate, and glow your skin, improving the skin’s repairing and defence ability while locking in moisture. Combine with the brand’s highly moisturizing Almond Shower Oil on transitional seasons to pamper yourself from head to toe, keeping it soft and moisturized!

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WULT- Protecting the skin base  

Designed for dry skin, the “Membrane Lipids Repair”, specially developed by local brand WULT, mimics the human skin’s barrier protection and guards the skin off sensitising agents. It rehydrates and strengthens the skin base; “Cream of Illumination” is suitable for extremely delicate skin, with ingredients that can improve the skin’s elasticity and luminosity, hydrating and balancing the skin tone.

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Jurlique- Young and Tight

The aromatic floral “Nutri-Define Mask ” is developed with natural botanical ingredients. On top of giving an instant lifting effect, the mask contains Squalane and hyaluronic Acid, effectively promoting collagen regeneration and rehydrating the skin. It also evens out and brightens the complexion, making the skin younger and firmer and building a defensive barrier that can withstand changing seasons.

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FANCL Tense up- Bouncy, dewy and moisturised from within

The long-time best-seller FANCL Tense Up is the secret weapon to keeping the skin bouncy, dewy and moisturised from within. Transitional weather requires internal and external nourishing. One tube a day can help replenish the loss of skin collagen. FANCL’s patented Tri-peptide has easily absorbed smaller molecules and, therefore, can be absorbed quickly, improving skin elasticity and allowing more moisture to be sealed. Staying hydrated can prevent dehydration problems caused by the change of seasons!

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