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Upgrade the anti-dryness game with the latest Winter moisturising products
Upgrade the anti-dryness game with the latest Winter moisturising products

Skincare is the one thing women can’t be lazy about. Whether it’s a transitioning period or during Winter, the skin must stay hydrated frequently to prevent from causing dehydration, fine lines, irritation, dry makeup and other annoying problems. Hydrating the skin often is definitely something that must be done seriously in the changing seasons. Major skincare brands got you ready for dry weather, and it is time to choose the products that are suitable for your skin type so that your skin can be nourished in time!

SHISEIDO Activates Your Skin’s Inner Defensive Power

SHISEIDO ULTIMUNE Power Infusing Concentrate has always been the best seller over the years. Developed with high technology, the 3rd generation is newly upgraded to rejuvenate skin’s micro-circulation, strengthen skin immunity, boost collagen production and truly ultimately improve skin problems from the bottom layer. Say hello to Healthy Vibrant Skin.

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CLINIQUE Hydrator Booster

Sealing moisturising is equally important as hydrating the skin. Clinique’s Moisture Surge 100-Hour Auto-Replenishing Hydrator offers deeper and longer hydration. Packed with Aloe Vera Bio Ferment and hyaluronic acid, the moisturiser penetrates over 10 layers deep and infuses skin with deep soothing hydration for an endlessly plump, glowing complexion, leaving the skin with dewy and radiance, and has a soothing and calming effect.

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Sisley Reactivates and Regenerates

Sisley, understanding the importance of deep moisturising, created its iconic its Hydra-Global Serum can to quench the thirstiest skin by reteaching the skin how to take in water through different skin layers and naturally rehydrate from within. restore the skin’s hydric balance while promoting water circulation within the epidermis to transport moisture deep down and exert its water-locking effect for thirsty skin. To create a perfect protective barrier for your skin throughout the day and night, pair it with the Velvet Nourishing Cream with Saffron Flowers to strengthen the skin’s natural defences and quickly restore its moisture and comfortability to normal levels.

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AMOREPACIFIC Reversing your skin age

High performance luxury skincare brand AMOREPACIFIC is infused with cutting-edge scientific technology. Its signature TIME RESPONSE Intensive Renewal Ampoule contains antioxidant-rich AbsoluTea™ extracted through unique skin technology, stimulating collagen production and cell turnover in the skin. The active ingredients can instantly increase skin moisture and stimulate collagen. The protein regenerates deeply, smoothing out fine lines and effectively evens the skin tone, allowing the skin to reverse to its perfect state of moisture and tenderness.

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Facesss Autumn Winter skincare Curation

If you want to choose effective moisturizing products, Facesss is where you should visit an array of global skincare brands. The Hyaluronic Acid Ceramide Capsules Hydra-Plumping Serum from Elizabeth Arden can lock the moisture in the skin and quickly reverse the constant skin dryness. DermaElements, blending advanced technology, injects the secret of moisture into a small nutritional bottle. The ” DE32 β-Glucan Extract” contains a highly effective water-locking hydration component, enhancing the skin’s defence, repairing damaged cells and soothing sensitive skin.

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