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Transitioning Your Fall Skincare Routine
Transitioning Your Fall Skincare Routine

As we prepare for autumn, the seasonal transition will upset the skin condition. Don’t forget to buy skincare that serves a specific purpose to ensure your skin is hydrated, preventing issues such as redness, sensitivity or peeling off. It is necessary to hydrate frequently to strengthen the skin’s moisturizing and repairing power to build up its self-defence ability and regain the plump and dewy texture.

CHANEL- The power of Red Camellia

Targeting the 5 major skin ageing problems: skin elasticity, radiance, plumpness, wrinkles and pores, etc., No.1 de CHANEL Revitalizing serum can combat the first stage of skin ageing problems. The refreshing texture makes the skin easier to absorb into the bottom of the skin. The red camellia extract helps prevent the loss of cellular vitality with time and weather changes. Using it over 6 months will gradually improve skin problems and regain skin vitality and radiance.

Shop B238-B239, B2/F

Sisley- Power of the Night

Sisley’s upgraded version of the “SUPREMŸA At Night” collection has launched two repairing night creams and lotions of different textures. The chronobiology resynchronises, recovers and detoxifies the skin at night. The Fundamental Regeneration Complex also ensures 25 anti-aging actions, including restructuring and oxygenating the skin, collagen synthesis, hydrating, etc., so that the skin can use the golden night time for restoration and achieve skin smoothness and firmness.

Shop B207A, B2/F

mtm labo the organic [ custom-blended skincare ]

Adhering to our core value of [ custom-blended skincare ] and we strive to formulate the best botanical extracts which address individual needs. The mtm labo custom-blended harmonious collection, certified by Japan’s 5-star ECOFIT organic certification, is packed with various rare Japanese organic plants, providing high-efficiency anti-oxidation, delaying skin ageing, and protecting your skin against damage by free radicals. The collection includes cleansing, toner, essence, moisturiser, mask etc., extensively repairing the underlying cell tissue of the skin, effectively relieving dryness and boosting immunity from the skin’s deepest layers.

mtm labo
Shop B203A, B2/F

L’Occitane- Immortal Flower

L’Occitane’s “Immortelle Reset Collection”, which provides a 3-in-1 treatment that gives your skin a reset – Sooth, Reactivate & Glow. It offers the best care for your skin, powered by natural ingredients. The 100% organic immortal flower “Immortelle”extract can strengthen the skin’s self-repair ability, build up the skin’s defence barrier while rehydrating, effectively relieve redness and tightness, strengthen the skin’s deepest layers, and restore the skin’s natural radiance.

Shop B204, B2/F

Jurlique- Nourishing your skin with Oil

Explore the power of high-efficiency skincare from the natural world. Jurlique’s Purely Age-Defying Firming Face Oil and Body Oils can deeply nourish and restore the skin of the face and body and fight against dry skin problems caused by autumn. The brand firmly believes that “nourishing the skin with oil” can lock the moisture in the skin and facilitate the absorption of subsequent skin care products. Unique ingredients such as sea fennel extract have strong moisture retention and repairing power, allowing it to help firm the skin and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Shop B229A, B2/F

FANCL- Dewy and Bouncy

FANCL’s “Enrich+ Line” adopt the brand-new nano-microcapsule technology as well as containing upgraded firming and anti-wrinkle ingredients so that your skin can instantly absorb those nutrients. They promote collagen rejuvenation and activate skin-repairing functions. Besides, how can you miss Tense up, the bestseller which is a must for a more comprehensive approach for skin collagen? One bottle daily will immediately replenish collagen and maintain skin elasticity from inside out!

Shop B226-B227, B2/F

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